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Ten Free Favorite TV Show Fonts

written by: Haley Montgomery•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

Ever wonder what the fonts are for your favorite TV show logos? This article highlights ten fonts you can download for free from television shows like Alias, Gilligan's Island, the Simpsons, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These familiar typefaces will make a great addition to your DTP projects.

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    Free Downloadable TV Show Fonts

    Some of the most recognizable fonts today come from popular television shows. Have you ever wondered what the typeface is for your favorite TV hits like Will and Grace, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, and even Gilligan's Island? These fonts can be a fun addition to all kinds of desktop publishing projects, from school flyers and game night posters to party invitations and retail or restaurant promotions. The ten free fonts shown here are a great mix of typefaces that will appeal to many different audiences and age groups. They are each available to download in Mac and Windows versions.

    These typefaces are a great way to piggyback the popularity of the TV shows and to add a customized touch to projects with similar show themes. Any time you are using a font based on a trademarked image, however, be sure to guard against copyright infringement. Don't use the fonts to recreate the specific logos of the television show they represent for use in your own DTP projects.

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    This font from ABC's popular spy show is a great option for scavenger hunt promotions, midnight sales events, or speed dating parties. The capital letters contain the solid box with letters dropped out, while the lower case reverses to solid letters.

    Download ALIAS here.

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    The broken letters in this typeface from the vampire program offer both a sophisticated and edgy look. Be careful using this font in smaller type, since the missing parts may make it difficult to read.

    Download ANGEL here.

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    This familiar font mimicking Wheel of Fortune is a great option for game night events, school carnivals, and fund-raisers. The capital "O" offers the trademark "wheel", while the lower case provides the standard "o".

    Download FORTUNE WHEEL here.

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    Everyone's favorite cast-aways are available for your desktop publishing projects with this great free font download. It has great retro appeal!

    Download GILLIGAN'S ISLAND here.

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    MAD TV and magazine's classic font is a great addition to your DTP headlines. Although it is widely associated with the popular comedy show, it is also a good option for a stylized serif font and can have a Western feel.

    Download MAD FONT here.

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    This free font download of the Price is Right typeface offers great potential for in-store retail promotions, grocery store signage or game night theme flyers.

    Download PRICE DOWN here.

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    The distinctive font for everyone's favorite high school vampire slayer will be a hit with DTP projects with a tween, teen, and college audience. It could also be a great typeface for Halloween promotions.

    Download REBUFFED here.

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    The Sports Night logo font just looks like a network news typeface. It can give projects a look of speed and urgency and could work great for racing-themed events, podcast event promotions or even local celebrity "roasts" in a news format.

    Download SPORTS NIGHT here.

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    This take on the Simpsons typeface certainly brings Bart and his family to mind. It has a great hand-written look!

    Download SIMPSONS here.

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    This font is a variation of the Will and Grace logo typeface. Its distinctive lower case vowells used with capital consonants appear in the lower case version of the font.

    Download WILLING RACE here.