The Basics of Creating Your Own Desktop Publishing Studio

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Maybe, you just decided to go it on your own, and to start your own desktop publishing business. Maybe, even telecommuting for a while and you curve a bit more organization in your professional life. Maybe, a new space just opened up in your house and for the first time you can set up your own studio. The matter what the reason is, you want in office set up that will be both efficient, and easy-to-use. Today we are going to look at some basic tips for setting up your own studio.

Before you begin moving things around what sticks out what you need in a basic desktop publishing office. First, and most obvious, is that you will need your computer and all of its desktop publishing software. What may not be so obvious, is that your location only to be set up to support all of these things. That means you’ll need outlet space not only for your computer, but also for your printer and any other devices you use regularly. If your computers hardwired to the Internet, instead of the wireless, you will also need the correct cables in the area for your connection.

Next, let’s talk a little bit less about the system, and more about the user. You and the comfortable place to put your computer and its keyboard, as well as somewhere comfortable to sit. For many people this will mean a desk in a chair, you can do whatever makes you happy. Some desktop publishers, who were primarily on their laptops may ditch the desk altogether and have the couch instead of a chair. You will have to decide this based on your own work style, and the technology you are using.

Storage of files and records will also be an issue, so be aware that if you don’t already have some kind of paper filing system, you may want to develop one at this point.

Lighting will also be an issue in your studio. When you computer screen too long in a dim room can cause eyestrain, and take a toll on your productivity. If you’re going to be looking at print proofs in the room lighting will be equally as important for accuracy in color and shade. This can be provided either by solid lightning, or windows, the choice will depend on your space.

Now that we’ve gotten all the practical concerns out of the way, all you have to do is make your own. Decorated you see fit, and enjoy your brand-new at home studio.