Writing a Reference Letter of Recommendation for a Managerial or Professional Employee Using a Sample Template

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This particular letter of recommendation template (the link is below) is specifically geared toward writing for a good employee who has manager experience. With the general words already on this template, all you have to do is interject exemplary text so this person can attain the position they are seeking.

When someone asks you to write a character reference, the words and anecdotes you utilize to describe the person should be very carefully considered. In this instance, the language and experience common to all managers will be generic so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The letter might really help that person get the job they want if you make them shine. Using this reference letter template as a model to tweak and tailor the text specifically for your aspirant will make this task so much easier. First, take a gander at the first article in this series, Introduction to Writing Reference Letters Using Templates , which is a basic tutorial on how to structure a good letter. Then you’ll be even more prepared to personalize the template highlighted below.

With this template, just type in the personal text that reflects your candidate’s strengths and virtues. Build up what is best about them under the appropriate headings. The good thing about using Microsoft Word templates for this task lies in the fact that it’s an easy program to utilize and many of the procedures used in Word are already familiar to many. Just follow these simple instructions:

1) Start by accessing the reference letter template found at Microsoft Office Online

2) Click on the template I sent you to if it suits your needs upon your perusal. There are other options on this site, and in this article series, if you want ideas to write something different. Click “Download” after which you simply agree to their user license agreement to receive the file. (You might have to install an Active X plug in for Internet Explorer if you don’t already have it.)

3) Open your now downloaded template in Word and follow the simple instructions to enter your specifics in the right category. It’s just a matter of typing over their text with your own personal information and address.

4) Manipulate the design and layout to suit the extent of information which needs to fit in a certain category.

5) Proof the document and print it. Make sure you’ve got their information right and that the letter sings their praises.