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Free Templates for a Change of Address Notification Postcard

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 7/28/2010

Free templates designed specifically to make a change of address notification postcard are available online so that you can create a stack with speed and ease to send out to anyone that you want to let know you’ve moved. Find out where and how to do this below.

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    Making a change of address notification postcard that can be mailed to friends, family, and perhaps the bill collectors is a no brainer. There’s no sense in buying these when free change of address cards can be produced with a little personal touch added and printed so quickly and easily from home. With all the complications, planning, and exhaustion which can accompany moving to a new address, at least making change of address announcements doesn’t have to be difficult at all. It’s simply a matter of accessing the free templates available at Microsoft Office Online, downloading the one you like and then personalizing it with your new address

    With this template, just type in your personal text and tweak what you desire to change to add a little personal flair. In this instance, you’ll find a plain template and another two with some simple designs of homes and big letters announcing your move. The good thing about using Microsoft Word for this task lies in the fact that it’s an easy program to utilize and many of the procedures used in Word are already familiar to many. Just follow these simple instructions:

    1) Start by accessing the postcard templates to let people know you’ve moved at Microsoft Office Online specifically at this link:

    2) Click on the title of the template (it will then appear on its own for a closer inspection), then click “Download" after which you simply agree to their user license agreement to receive the file. (You might have to install an Active X plug in for Internet Explorer if you don’t already have it.)

    3) Open your now downloaded template in Word and follow the simple instructions to enter your specifics in the right category. It’s just a matter of typing over their text with your own personal information and address.

    4) Manipulate the design and layout to suit the extent of information which needs to fit in a certain category.

    5) Proof the document and print it. Some templates are offered by Avery which makes buying the right card stock to print a number of postcards on one sheet a snap.