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Enhance Your Word 2007 Document: Borders for Word Documents

written by: Camesha White•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 5/21/2009

Would you like to make your document or paragraph stand out? Would your page look better with a border that looks like a box, or a 3-D border so your page jumps at it viewers? The text and page borders feature in Microsoft Word 2007 makes simple projects like these beyond easy.

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    How to Insert Page and Text Borders

    To begin creating a page or text border click the Page Layout tab located on the Ribbon. Next, click Page Borders. A dialogue box with the heading Borders and Shading will open. Within this box are three tabs: Borders, Page Border, and Shading. Ignore the Shading tab, unless you would like to have a little fun experimenting with your document. Only the Borders and Page Borders are of importance here.

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    Text Borders

    Click the Borders tab. Under this tab you can alter the setting, style, color, and width of your border.

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    Allows you to choose how you would like your border to appear. It can appear as a Box, Shadow, your own customized border, or it can have a 3-D look.

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    Helps you determine the manner in which your border flows. You can choose dotted lines, solid lines, thick lines, images, and the list continues.

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    When clicking this option a drop down menu will appear with the standard colors. You can also tailor your own color as well.

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    If choosing a line border, this choice allows you to choose the thickness of your border.

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    Here you can view a miniature version of how your border will appear on your page.

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    Apply To

    With text borders you can only apply your border to a paragraph. These options differ with page borders.

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    Page Border

    Click the Page Border tab. The options listed under this tab are pretty much identical to the text border options, except two minor differences. There is an Art option and the Apply To options are different. If you click Art, you will be presented with an array of patterns and images to apply to your border. You can apply these options to your entire document or only sections.

    After you have decided on the design and layout of your border, simply click OK and your border will be created. Have fun!