Making a Newsletter in Google Documents

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As hard as it may be to believe, there may come a time when you will not be in possession of an Office suite. Maybe you use a netbook, or your new computer hasn’t any tool installed on it yet. This, of course, will inevitably happen on the Sunday night that you need a newsletter pronto for a client. So how are you going to make that newsletter without any office software? Well, you can do it with Google Docs.

Making Columns

Making a document with columns in Google documents can be a bit roundabout. Just stay with the steps and you will get the results that you want.

Step One: Create a table. To do this click on “Table” then “Insert”. Set up yor table with only one row. You can put in as many columns as you need for your project.

Step Two: Type or paste in your text. You will see it flow from column to column.

Step Three: Resize the table to meet your needs.

You may think that you will end up with table barriers, but once you print the document those lines will disappear automatically. You do not have to do anything in the settings to make that happen.

Inserting Headers

To Insert a header you can just follow these steps.

Step One: Click on “Insert”

Step Two: Click on “Headers and Footers”

That is it. You will see boxes with dash lines around them, use these for your header.

Inserting Images

Step One: Click on the “Insert Image” button, you can find this is the presentation toolbar.

Step Two: A new box will appear. Click on “Choose File” and find the image that you want to add form your files.

Step Three: Click on “OK”

Step Four: “Move the image to the desired location by clicking on it and dragging it to that spot.

Then once you have your document you can export it as a text document or a PDF. Then you can send it whenever it needs to go. No stress and no cost.

How do I save as a PDF?

Once you are done with your newsletter save the file. The click on “File”. Next, click on “Download File As” and choose “PDF”. Your document will then save to the computer you are working on as a PDF.