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DTP Free Software: DrawPlus 4

Serif is well known for creating and providing free software applications for desktop publishers and DrawPlus 4 is no exception. DrawPlus 4 is vector drawing software that allows you to create an unimaginable amount of material. Released in 2007, DrawPlus 4 has fast become the free software standard for various graphic and design use. DrawPlus 4’s unique appeal is that anyone can use the program whether you are a beginner in creating graphics or a more experienced designer. Serif also offers an upgrade to DrawPlus 6 and the newly released DrawPuls 7 is also available.

With DrawPlus 4, users can create everything from traditional graphic drawing through to web animations. Some key features of the application include:

  • QuickShape Tools
  • Natural Curve Editing and Smoothing
  • Backdrop Wizard
  • Pre-set lines, fonts and transparencies
  • On-screen Studio Palette
  • Watermark Wizard
  • Border Wizard

The Animation Mode inside DrawPlus 4 lets you create web animation in an easy way. An Animation Wizard and other features such as professional backgrounds, overlays, onion skinning and frame management make this feature a simple way to create your own web animations.

In addition to the animation tools, the most popular feature of DrawPlus 4 is the Color Schemes. Under the Colour Schemes tools, you can base a differential colour palette to sweep your design. All you need to do is select one base color and a complimentary color range finishes off your graphic to give it a smooth and professional look.

Other benefits to using the DrawPlus 4 lies within the creating. With this application desktop publishers can create logos, business cards, high quality print graphics, drawings, calendars, envelops and labels. You can also create more web related graphics like banners, headlines and even design the sites web pages. DrawPlus 4 allows for the industry standard for both vector and bitmap image formats such as ONG, ENF, WMF, BMP and JPEG.

For information on the DrawPlus 4 graphics application and to download it for free, visit Serif’s main website at: www.freeserifsoftware.com