HP Creative Studio has First-Rate Do It Yourself Logos

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The company logo is the image you put out to the public that should reflect your professionalism and your personal style. Creating a unique, easily identifiable logo will help you stand out in the competitive arena of business. Using the template resources available at the HP Creative Studio and the application to customize it will do a very nice job for you.

Your logo will be prominently featured on your letterhead, business cards and any of the marketing materials like flyers, brochures, and newsletters that you might design and send out in the future. I will guide you directly to the right place on the HP site and then just follow the easy steps outlined below to design your own eye-catching logo. The creative leeway and design options offered within this application are hard to come by anywhere else on the net. You have the option of using one of their Do It Yourself (DIY) templates, upgrading by using a premium template, or having a logo professionally designed by them.

Begin by perusing the available templates for creating your own logo at the HP Creative Studio. Once you have found the logo design that you like best, follow the easy steps below to customize it exactly to your specifications. Keep in mind also that there are premium templates available that might have something you desire and can’t find amongst the free ones.

  1. Put a check in the box “Templates DIY Free (Do It Yourself).” A hefty selection will appear and if you don’t like what is offered then look at the “DIY Premium” or “Premium Custom Design” to find even more choices and creative leeway in the design phase.

  2. Download the template by clicking on the actual image or the file name below it.

  3. Save the file to your PC or Mac by following the directions pertaining to your browser and operating system. As a PC user I used the right click option to “save target as.”

  1. Open the file and follow the directions provided to insert your own text and logos.

  2. Insert the free HP Photo Editor available to download here which makes it really easy to upload your logos, images, and photos if that is something you want to do.

  3. Manipulate all the sections to get the look that you want it to have to produce your company logo.