Aviary Online Graphics Application Review: Editing Software for Desktop Publishing

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Aviary Flash Design

Aviary is Flash suite of graphic design applications that you can use online. The editing system is web browser based and was created by Avi Muchnick in an effort to give creative people a reliable and professional way to edit and design graphic elements.

Aviary includes a variety of design editors, including Raven (for vector graphics), Phoenix (an image editor), Toucan (a color palette editor), and Peacock (a visual laboratory). Each application in Aviary surpasses the editorial control that Photoshop had once cornered the market in and Aviary does it all online.

Aviary Plus Points:

  • Cheaper than Adobe’s suite of graphic applications
  • There is nothing to install to use all of the graphic editors
  • Online support community of active users
  • Clean and simple online navigation

To get started testing out and using all that Aviary has to offer, you do need to register as you would when joining any online group. Registration is free and all that is asked is the standard user name, password and email address.

Basic usage for all applications is free but if you want to be able to save edited images you’ll need to join. Membership cost is only $15.00 per month to get access for all current and up coming applications and the benefits of that are being able to save your work to your desktop, having round the clock support and the ability to keep your images private if want them to be. With the basic free membership, the reason that you cannot save your work is because it gets uploaded to the main Aviary gallery so that all users can see what can be created through its applications. You can also choose to join the Aviary community but only use one application and that membership cost us $7.99 per month.

For more information visit the main web site at: www.aviary.com