Insert Images with Photoshop

Insert Images with Photoshop
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Photoshop: Insert an Image onto another Image

When you have two different images that you want to combine with Photoshop there is a certain way to go about doing so. The first thing that you want to do is open both image files so you have both showing in your Photoshop workspace. Keep in mind that it is best to start with images that are either the same resolution and size, or as close in resolution and size as possible. If they are not close enough in resolution and size, you may need to reset the parameters on one image to match the other for the cleanest looking outcome.

Next you what to focus on the image that you want to insert to the other image. Decide which area of the image you want to copy over. Select an Outline Tool in the shape you wish to cut you image. Place the mouse over your image, click the mouse and hold it down while you outline the selection you want. Let go of the mouse once your selection shape is outlined and then select Copy through the main top menu.

Click on the image that you want to insert your selection into. Now go to the top main menu and click on Paste. The image that you just copied out will appear in the middle of your selected image. Click the mouse on the pasted image and hold it down while you position it where you want it to be. To adjust the size of the pasted image scroll the mouse inwards to make it smaller or scroll the mouse outwards to make the image larger.

When you have your pasted image in place, you can select that layer and play around with the filter. For instance you can add a drop shadow or select screen to make the pasted image look like it blends into the final image. The options for image manipulation through this method are really endless; the final outcome just depends on your imagination and what you want the end image to look like.

For example, in the following image I inserted an image of a triquerta into and illustration of owls.