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Yellow Pages Ad Design Tips

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 3/25/2009

The Yellow Pages are regarded as one of the most conventional tools of advertising and still preferred by many businesses over other advanced form of marketing. If you're considering placing an ad in the Yellow Pages, first read this article's four design tips to help you create your company's ad.

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    Every commercial enterprise needs to expand its presence and attract new customers. Advertising solves both these purposes and although the Internet has emerged as the preferred choice for many businesses, the Yellow Pages segment still exists in the form of a multi-billion dollar industry. This is ample proof to the mass popularity of the Yellow Pages as an effective advertising tool. So, it becomes essential to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from the money spent in promoting your business through the Yellow Pages. One of the most crucial aspects governing the impact and utility of a yellow page advertisement is its design. A professionally-prepared, sharper and appealing design attracts prospective customers and adds credibility to the advertised brand.

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    Insist Upon Graphic Content

    Yellow Page advertising is slightly expensive because it addresses the needs of customers who exhibit a greater probability of buying some products/services. Thus, it becomes essential that the listed advertisement is able to immediately grab a potential customer’s attention. This purpose is best solved by incorporating images, illustrations and photos in the ad’s design. Artwork that is able to create an instant impression on the customer and engage his attention is ideal. This should be the first priority when looking to design a Yellow Page ad. The best artworks go beyond the realm of just engaging attention and are able to connect in such a way that an emotional reaction is created within the observer. Text/headlines can’t do this and they offer limited scope for creativeness, which makes graphically-designed artwork the only solution.

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    Use a Convincing Headline

    After the ad’s observer recovers from the affect of your dazzling artwork, there is a high probability that he/she would want to investigate about the real content, i.e. the related text. The first and the most vital part of the text-based Yellow Page advertisement is the headline. It should be in sync with the images displayed. Headlines that are too tacky or loud are bound to lose their audience quickly — a straightforward and quick-to-read headline is the best. Again, it shouldn't rhyme or appear similar to the one being used by your competitor, i.e. clarity has to be blended with exclusiveness.


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    Avoid Cluttered Design Patterns

    A Yellow Page advertising campaign is all about being appealing to a probable customer. This is where the clarity of the design assumes importance. A design that is too complicated tends to put-off people from reading it. The reason is simple — people don’t want to be challenged when they are about to spend their money. It is highly recommended to employ the services of a professional Yellow Page ad designer. The biggest challenge for designing such ads lies in maintaining their simplicity without compromising on their capability to address the mindsets of different people.

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    Don’t Confuse with Magazine-themed Designs

    Magazine-styled advertisements are sometime confused with Yellow Page ad designing. However, each of them caters to a different sort of readers. Magazine ads aren’t supposed to overwhelm you with their content and they aren’t very informative. This can be usually seen on the numerous billboard advertisements. Yellow Page ads cater to a reader who has a certain degree of inclination towards buying a product or a service. Shoppers going through Yellow Pages need to provide all the necessary information, like contact details, instantly. They need to be told that a particular brand is the best-possible choice they can make. Designing for Yellow Page advertising is about creating an immediate impact. So, the ad has to exude a sense of ‘urgency’ and give its reader a chance to begin interaction with the listed business. Thus, details such as contact numbers need to be highlighted in various ways. This could be in the form of phrases such as:

    • Plz call to fix an appointment
    • Plz call us for a free quotation
    • Call us today and fix a ‘FREE’ consultation
    • Plz call on our toll-free numbers