Template Resources for 2009 March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets

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The churning funnel that brings over 60 college basketball teams from around the country into nation-wide awareness to compete in order to do or die toward the end of March every year is madness indeed. Every year the nation is swept up in the excitement of the NCAA Basketball Tournament for both the men’s and women’s teams. Each team has to win to advance or they are eliminated and unlike the NCAA College Football Championship, winning the national title in basketball is entirely up to the human athletes competing for it.

With all the excitement, especially the first few days when so many games are going on at once in each of the four brackets in different parts of the country, you’ll want to have your tournament bracket already printed out with the original starting teams and your predictions for which college team advances in each round. Many people compete in pools with friends or at the office to see who is closest to predicting the actual final outcome (whether there is any money wagered or changing hands is none of my business). The following sources are the easiest places to get your brackets by using the templates these sites have available.

A good place to start is CBS because they do all the televised coverage and they want you to have a free tournament bracket with all the teams listed after that is determined with the dates, times, and locations of each game to be played. It’s in their best interest to provide you with a printable bracket since they will gladly assume you’ll be watching and soaking in the advertisements. Check with them after the seeds are determined on March 15th at www.cbssports.com.

Another good option is over at NBC. They have a handy system which enables you to print out the results after each round. Plus while online you can scrutinize each region and get in-depth analysis on each team. Get right to bracketing at https://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/23487117/. Their system is nice because it has an obvious manner for you to click on a team to advance them in your predicting process so you don’t have to write each team out on the blank bracket.

One other good source for you to consider is at https://www.madduxsports.com/2005-march-madness-bracket.html. With any of the above sources, you’ll have you’re brackets all set so all you’ll have to do is enjoy the games and keep track of the winners openly or covertly if circumstances dictate.