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Useful Publisher Keyboard Shortcuts

written by: Tara M. Walsh•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 2/28/2009

If you're starting a desktop publishing business, any productivity boost helps. If you're a home publisher, perhaps you'd just like to work more efficiently on projects. One of the most useful things you can do is to learn your program's keyboard shortcuts. Here are Publisher's keyboard shortcuts.

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    MS Publisher Shortcuts

    Here is an alphabetized list of Publisher's most useful commands, followed by their corresponding keyboard shortcut:

    Add a non-breaking hyphen -- CTRL+SHIFT+-

    Add a non-breaking space -- CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR

    Add a page after the current page -- CTRL+SHIFT+N

    Add a shadow -- CTRL+D

    Add or remove hyphens -- CTRL+SHIFT+H

    Align left -- CTRL+L

    Align right -- CTRL+R

    Bring to front -- F6

    Cancel selection of a text frame or table -- ESC

    Center a paragraph -- CTRL+E

    Change text font -- CTRL+SHIFT+F

    Change text size -- CTRL+SHIFT+P

    Change text style -- CTRL+SHIFT+S

    Check spelling -- F7

    Copy formatting -- CTRL+SHIFT+C

    Copy selected text or objects -- CTRL+C

    Create a new publication -- CTRL+N

    Cut selected text or objects -- CTRL+X

    Decrease font size by 1 point -- CTRL+[

    Decrease kerning -- CTRL+SHIFT+[

    Delete a text frame or table containing text -- CTRL+SHIFT+X

    Delete the next word -- CTRL+DELETE

    Delete the previous word -- CTRL+BACKSPACE

    Double-space lines -- CTRL+2

    Find -- CTRL+F

    Find and replace -- CTRL+H

    Group or ungroup objects -- CTRL+SHIFT+G

    Hide or show special characters -- CTRL+SHIFT+Y

    Highlight all text in text box or table cell -- CTRL+A

    Highlight one character to the left -- SHIFT+LEFT ARROW

    Highlight one character to the right -- SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW

    Highlight next page in page navigation control -- SHIFT+F5

    Highlight to end of a line -- SHIFT+END

    Highlight to end of a paragraph -- CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW

    Highlight to end of a word -- CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW

    Highlight to start of a line -- SHIFT+HOME

    Highlight to start of a paragraph -- CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW

    Highlight to start of a word -- CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW

    Increase font size by 1 point -- CTRL+]

    Increase kerning -- CTRL+SHIFT+]

    Insert a frame break -- CTRL+ENTER

    Insert a tab in a table cell -- CTRL+TAB

    Italicize text -- CTRL+I

    Justify text -- CTRL+J

    Make text bold -- CTRL+B

    Make text small capitals -- CTRL+SHIFT+K

    Make transparent or opaque -- CTRL+T

    Move between background and foreground page -- CTRL+M

    Move between current page view and actual size view -- F9

    Move between menu bar and publication -- ALT

    Nudge down -- ALT+DOWN ARROW

    Nudge left -- ALT+LEFT ARROW

    Nudge right -- ALT+RIGHT ARROW

    Nudge up -- ALT+UP ARROW

    Open current publication -- CTRL+O (letter O)

    Paste text or objects -- CTRL+P

    Print -- CTRL+P

    Redo previous action -- CTRL+Y

    Remove line spacing before a paragraph -- CTRL+0 (zero)

    Resize object, keeping its center -- Press and hold CTRL and drag a Resize handle

    Return character formatting to current text style -- CTRL+SPACEBAR

    Rotate object freely -- Press and hold ALT and drag a Resize handle

    Rotate object in 15-degree increments --Press and hold CTRL+ALT and drag a Resize handle

    Rotate object five degrees clockwise -- CTRL+ALT+RIGHT ARROW

    Rotate object five degrees counterclockwise -- CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW

    Save changes to a publication -- CTRL+S

    Show or hide boundaries and guides -- CTRL+SHIFT+O (letter O)

    Single-space lines -- CTRL+1

    Soft return -- SHIFT+ENTER

    Turn on or off the Snap to Guides feature -- CTRL+W

    Underline text -- CTRL+U

    Undo -- CTRL+Z (up to 20 actions)

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