Serif Releases PagePlus X3 Publisher in North America

Serif Releases PagePlus X3 Publisher in North America
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Serif Software has announced the first-time North American release of PagePlus X3Publisher , an award winning Desktop Publishing and Design application that has been very popular in the U.K.

Serif is also releasing WebPlus X2, a website design application, PhotoPlus X2, a digital imaging application, and DrawPlus X2, a vector based drawing application.These applications are Windows Vista certified, but sadly, are not available for the Mac.

The applications range in price between $79.99 to $99.99 (MSRP). PagePlus X3 lists for $99.99, and interestingly, offers a 250 page printed user guide for an additional $14.99. You can also download a free copy of the manual in PDF format. To make this an even better bargain, PagePlus X3 comes bundled at no extra charge with Image CutOut, a simple tool for extracting images, and LogoStudios, an application of its own that provides the ability to do professional logo design and editing. Similar applications typically sell for at least $50 each.

Unfortunately, a trial download version is not available. But if you are eager to try it out, you can purchase and immediately download the software from their website – or visit your nearest Fry’s or Micro Center store, or you can order online at, and to get the packaged version.

Serif says that PagePlus X3 should appeal to North American users and businesses by providing high-powered design tools with the ability to create quality publishing and design work, while keeping the price affordable.

  • PDF importing, editing, and exporting

  • Features for slideshow and presentation creation using PDF files

  • Business graphic tools for creating flowcharts

  • The ability to use predefined paths or freehand paths for creating effects such as running text along a path

  • Text effects such as shadows, 3D, and metallic textures

  • A duplex wizard that assists with double sided printing

  • A wide range of clip art and symbols

While PagePlus X3 won’t replace QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign any time soon, it does offer an affordable alternative for small businesses and home users who need an easy to use and versatile DTP application with features that their competitors have yet to include.



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