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10 Great Patriotic Templates for Microsoft Word

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 6/27/2014

Who says you need a fancy, expensive program to create eye-catching red, white and blue publications? With Word and a little help, you can personalize and print everything from address labels to notecards to flyers for your patriotic occasion.

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    Using These Templates

    The following templates were created using Word 2010 and are in .dotx format. This means that they are compatible with Word 2007 and 2010, but if you are using Word 2003 you can still download and work with them, provided you have the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed.

    Click on any image for an enlarged view. Should you find that you wish to download a template, click on the Download Link in each section.

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    Postcards, Notecards and Greeting Cards

    Hand Over Heart Card 

    Whether you want to send a card in memory of a life lost in service or an invitation to a Memorial Day event, there are Microsoft Word patriotic templates to make it easy.

    Hand Over Heart Card

    This template produces a single half-folding notecard. The front of the template features a silhouette of a person standing in front of a large American flag, with the right hand placed over the heart of the person. The inside of the card is blank, but you can add another page to the template and type a personal message before you print. You can then use your printer's duplex setting, if it has one, or print the first side of the card, turn the paper around and replace it in the printer to print the inside of the card. Download Hand Over Heart Card

    Patriotic Postcards 

    July 4 Notecards

    This template has two half-fold notecards with a rustic flag image on the front of each and a simple "Happy July 4th!" message on the inside. Contrary to the name of the template, you can use these notecards as greeting cards, invitations or thank you notes for any patriotic theme. Simply change the message inside of the cards or only print the fronts of the cards and hand write a message inside after cutting and folding them. Download July 4th Notecards

    Patriotic Postcards

    Patriotic Postcards 

    Send four notes or invites at once using this patriotic template. The two-sided postcards include an illustrated image of a flag with ribbons and greenery and a shadowed background that lends a three-dimensional appearance. The backsides of the cards are divided in two. You can write your message on the left side and then address the postcard using the printed address lines on the right. There is a stamp placeholder as well. Download Patriotic Postcards

    Patriotic Invitation Template

    Patriotic Invitation Template 

    This is another publication that you can customize to your heart's content. Two WordArt images on the front of the side-fold card say, "You're Invited," but you can edit the text to fit your event or occasion. Inside the card is a section on which you can print the details, such as the time, date and location of your party. A flag and sparklers theme is carried from the front to the back of the card. Download the Patriotic Invitation Template

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    Envelopes and Labels

    Stars and Stripes Envelope 

    Stars and Stripes Envelope

    Whether you are mailing a party invitation or simply want to add some American flair to your correspondence, you can use the Stars and Stripes Envelope template. The left edge of this #10 envelope features an appealing red, white and blue design. Simply replace the sample return address and recipient information. Print on a business size envelope. Download the Stars & Stribes Envelope

    Uncle Sam Address Label

    Uncle Sam Address Labels 

    If you don't want to use a large envelope or would rather enhance a store-bought card, you can use this template for virtually any piece of mail. The template, which works with Avery 5160 labels, features a top hat like Uncle Sam might wear surrounded in shooting stars. You can use the labels to create a page full of your return address or even use them in a mail merge. Download the Uncle Sam Address Label

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    Flyers and Stationery

    Patriotic Picnic Flyer 

    Patriotic Picnic Flyer

    Enjoy a picnic or barbecue with family and friends on the Fourth or another American holiday? This patriotic template makes it easy for you to get the word out. The background of the page features a big juicy burger that appears to have been scribbled by hand. The burger is topped with a flag on a toothpick. Text boxes in the foreground allow you to enter details about the event. Download the Patriotic Picnic Flyer

    Patriotic Letterhead

    Patriotic Letterhead Template 

    If your company wants to show its patriotism, you might want to download this letterhead template. The header of the page features red and blue stars against a white, texturized background along with a text box for your business name. The footer holds your contact information and a large, faded blue star decorates the background of the page. Download the Patriotic Letterhead

    Faded Stars Stationery

    You can print this stationery to use for handwriten letters or use it in word as a background for a flyer, sign or typed letter. Washed out red and blue stars decorate the white page, with the stars becoming darker the closer they are to the borders of the document. Download the Faded Stars Stationery

    Stars and Stripes Stationery

    Stars and Stripes Stationery 

    This template enables you to create a complete, custom set when paired with the Stars and Stripes Envelope previously described. It features the same swirling stars and stripes design across both the top and bottom borders of the page. Type directly onto the page and print or print several sheets for handwritten notes. Download here.