What Does a Custom Logo Design Cost for a Business?


Getting started with a home business or even self employment, requires a lot more than just the dream to work for yourself (though that is often at the start). Once you have all the background materials in place, you need to start getting your name out there and the best way to do that is with a business card and a logo.

Deciding on a logo that best represents your company is not a decision to be made lightly, as you want the design to convey not only your business and what it does, but you want your customers – current and future – to always remember the logo, so that they'll remember your name and business.

But how much does a custom logo design cost? Is it better to design your own or go to a professional? Here, we'll look at some of the pricing that comes with getting that custom logo for your business.

Why is Having a Logo Important?

What Does a Custom Logo Design Cost?

Think of all the businesses that you have ever had dealings with; from small, medium, or large, chances are that most of these companies had some sort of logo. A logo is basically a design that usually conveys the name of a company, organization, or business, that people can view and will then think of that business.

If someone were to show you a picture of a panda against a white background, you might automatically think of the World Wildlife Fund; most people will recognize the logos of say the NBA, MLB, Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Starbucks. Even movies can have logos – Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter – to name a few. Just about every famous corporation, company, or business will likely have a logo to go with their business name.

Adding a logo to your business will help your customers and clients know who you are and what your company is. Having a great custom logo design will heighten this awareness, as a unique logo can not only draw in clients, but other businesses who may want to work with you.

Logo Design & Ideas

You know having a logo is important, but how do the great companies come up with their ideas?

This question of course comes up when trying to decide how much a logo design will cost. The idea of a company logo can come from anywhere – either from something that could be written within the company procedures, the company mission statement, or even the shape of the building that the current offices may be in.

Many design ideas can come from viewing a piece of art or seeing something on someone's travels or even on the way to work.

Go for Free or Spend the Big Bucks?

So just how much does a custom logo design cost?

That question will of course depend on whether you already have an idea for a logo, or if you want to try designing it yourself. Many small businesses or home offices may opt to go about designing their logos by themselves; this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing is if someone within the company is a graphic designer and is willing to put in the time to design a logo; company employees may not ask for much or may just want a cut of any profits that come in.

There is also the freelance designer route, in which a company hires someone outside of the company to design the logo. Sometimes freelance designers won't charge a large amount for a logo, especially if they have just started freelancing, or just using it as side work; some freelancers are actually volunteers who won't mind working on your logo for free.

What Does a Custom Logo Design Cost?

The downside to designing your own logo is the realization that it might not be any good; worse, the logo design could actually end up doing the opposite of what you had intended and could drive away your clients instead of bringing them in.

While different professional design companies will have different pricing charts, it is not unheard of for them to charge in the $200 and upwards amount for producing quality designs.

Why So Much?

If seeing the starting price for how much a custom logo design would cost caused your wallet to hurt, there is a reason for the price. Professional design companies go through a process in which they speak to the company about what they want for a custom logo – what colors they may want, what they want to logo to say, represent, etc.

These companies also do a lot of research into logo designs themselves and basically, how to make your logo design unique while using the proven styles or likes from other logos. They also take care in making sure that your logo stands out and will be remembered. Consideration is also given to how to shorten a company name into a memorable logo. In the case of using a professional logo design company, the price may be steep, but as they say, you get what you paid for.

A custom logo design cost can range from free to even $1000 or more, but the consideration of the logo design should of course be important. Search around not only your local area, but that of online as well, and make up a chart to compare and contrast. Ultimately, the design you chose will speak for your business and you want to make sure it speaks highly.


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