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10 Golf Brochure Templates for MS Publisher

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/24/2016

When you have a desktop publishing application such as Publisher, there's no need to pay someone to create custom publications for you. If you need golf-related publications, check out this Microsoft Publisher golf template collection to help you produce custom brochures quickly.

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    Using These Brochures

    Some of the golf brochure templates listed in this guide are free of charge while others are available for a fee, but they are all compatible with current versions of MS Publisher and are customizable to suit your needs. Click on any image to view a larger version of it and click on the download page link to access a particular golf template.

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    Golf Instructor & Course Template

    Layout Ready Golf Instructor & Course Template 

    Available in both Publisher and Word format, this tri-fold brochure template features high-quality photographs, original artwork and clearly separated sections. The template costs about $30 at Layout Ready, which also offers corresponding postcards, business cards, letterheads and flyer templates. When you purchase this template, the license is royalty-free so that you can use the layout and the artwork as you wish.

    Download Page: Layout Ready Golf Instructor & Course Template

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    Golf Green Brochure Template

    Golf Green Brochure Template 

    This is a free template offered by Bright Hub. The tri-fold brochure template features green grass and a golf ball behind white text boxes on one side. The other side keeps with the theme, featuring grass along the bottom border and the golf ball and club in a picture placeholder at the top of the center. There are text boxes with sample text to help you create your brochure, as well.

    Download Page: Free Golf Green Brochure Template

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    Custom Golf Brochure Template

    Powered Templates Custom Golf Brochure Template 

    Powered Templates provides the next option, which produces a bi-fold brochure featuring a club and ball against a blue sky and green grass. If you have a subscription to this site, you can purchase this template for under $2. Otherwise, it will cost about $86. Subscriptions start at $99.

    Download Page: Powered Templates Custom Golf Brochure Template

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    Sunrise Golfer Brochure Template

    Sunrise Golfer 

    This free template from Bright Hub might be ideal for a golf resort vacation brochure. The outside of the tri-fold brochure features a washed-out image of a golfer swinging with the sunrise behind him. The design is mimicked on the inside with a panned-out view of the same scene. Text boxes on both the inside and outside of the template as well as sample text on the outside will help you determine where to enter text and information.

    Download Page: Sunrise Golfer Brochure Template

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    Simple Golf Brochure Template

    Simple Golf Brochure 

    Not all golf brochure templates have to be over the top. If you are looking for a simple template with a golf-related color scheme and images, this might be the best one for you. This tri-fold brochure features green borders and page parts as well as realistic clip art images of golf courses.

    Download Page: Simple Golf Brochure Template

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    Simple Boxes Golf Brochure

    Simple Boxes Golf Brochure 

    This basic and practical template features box shapes with a 3-D appearance repeated throughout the layout, such as the black and white boxes surrounding the organization name and contact information and the sage green box displaying the main heading of the inside section of this tri-fold template. It also features golf-related clip art in a monochromatic green scheme.

    Download Page: Simple Boxes Golf Brochure

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    Golfer and Course Photos Brochure

    Golfer and Course Photos Brochure 

    Looking for a way to promote your course or golfing lessons? This template features a full-color photo of a golfer walking on a course on the front cover with the remainder of the photo wrapping across the rest of the outside of the brochure in a washed-out appearance. Inside is another angle of the same shot, again in full cover. Text boxes formatted to use a white font allow you to enter information atop the image.

    Download Page: Golfer and Course Photos Brochure

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    Golf Ball and Tee Brochure

    Golf Ball and Tee Brochure The outside of this tri-fold brochure features a close-up image of a golf ball on a tee with a grass background. Also on the outside are geometric images in blues and greens as well as sample text and text boxes you can customize. Inside, the geometric shapes are carried over along with a smaller shot of the ball and tee. Three connected text boxes fill the interior columns.

    Download Page: Golf Ball and Tee Brochure

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    Faded Golf Course Background Brochure

    Faded Golf Course Background Brochure 

    This Microsoft Publisher brochure golf template features photographic images of golfers, clubs and a course. The front cover of the tri-fold brochure has a washed-out image of a course with the full-color photo of a bag of clubs near the center and a golfer putting on the back. The interior of the brochure also has a washed-out background as well as a border made of tees.

    Download Page: Faded Golf Course Background Brochure

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    Golfer and Course Background Brochure

    Golfer and Course Background Brochure 

    The final offering in this list of Publisher golf brochure templates has a lovely golf course as the background of the outside with white and green text boxes in which to enter your information. Inside of the tri-fold brochure is the photo of a focused golfer taking a shot along with more text boxes and decorative elements.

    Download Page: Golfer and Course Background Brochure

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