7 Free Sympathy Cards for Dog Owners: Download & Send to Comfort in Times of Grief

Sympathy Cards for Dog Owners Express Your Condolences

Many of us have pets, and those pets become part of the family. When someone's beloved dog passes away, it's not just a dog, it's a family member. That's why many compaines and individuals have begun making pet sympathy cards for dog owners. You can create a professional-looking dog sympathy card in a desktop publishing program like Photoshop or Paint.NET if you have the time, or you can look for free sympathy cards for dog owners on the Internet.

I have created seven free dog sympathy cards for you to download and use when you need them. You can use them as inspiration to create your own cards or you can use them as they are. I used Paint.NET to create each of the cards, and I used multiple layers in the creation of each card. The specifics are described below. All seven of the cards are 4"x6" in dimension.

Favorite Friend Dog Owner Sympathy Card

A graphic background can express sympathy for loss elegantly and tastefully

Favorite Friend shows a golden retriever puppy laying down on a garden hose. He looks peaceful yet somewhat sad. The colors in the card are neutral. In order to have the colors flow together, I used the eyedropper tool to pick up colors from the image of the dog and then used the paint bucket on the appropriate layer. The verse on the card reads "Our favorite friends can't be with us forever, but we can remember them forever."

If you wanted to customize this card after downloading it, you could use your own dog photograph in the center. Cut out around the dog using the lasso tool so that you can see the white background behind him. Then, use the eyedropper tool to pick up colors from the new image to use in the background. Make sure you keep the colors neutral and somewhat muted so that the expression of condolences comes through.

Another Angel Dog-Themed Sympathy Card

A cartoon dog can still express sympathy for a lost pet

Another Angel features a cartoon dog on a lavender and gray background with the words, "There is another angel in heaven." For this image, I cut out a cartoon dog from a larger illustration I'd found on Sxc.hu and then I scaled him to fit the card.The background was done using the circle tool with auto-fill.

You can customize the text on this sympathy card should you not like the religious overtones. Use the eyedropper tool in your DTP software to pick up the lavender color, and then simply color over the text that is already there. Next, select the text you would like and type it in. The font used in this card was "OCR B MT."

Faithful Companion Block-Color Dog Sympathy Card

Express your love for the owner and dog in sympathy cards

Faithful Companion features blocked-color and a dog in a border that appears to have been drawn in ink. This effect was done using the artistic ink effect. Should you wish to customize the image of the dog on this card, you'd want to do a similar effect using your desktop publishing software. You'll notice a soft glow around the image.

I created this first using red and then using green I'd picked up from the image with the eydropper tool. I created a rectangle of each one then used the "Gaussian blur" tool before putting down the next layer and the next rectangle. I made the layers transparent so that the colors from the blur would blend together and blend with their background. The words on the card read, "Many heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your faithful companion."

For more cards and card ideas, please continue reading on page 2.

Deepest Sympathy Card for Dog Owners

In this sympathy card for dog owners, a favorite pet is memorialized.

Deepest Sympathy features a dalmation who looks at you with sympathetic eyes. He overlaps the border and a cloud background. The border was created using the eyedropper tool, which picked up the pink from his ear. The photograph on this sympathy card for dog owners is of my own pet who recently passed. I used the lasso tool to cut around him in a separate document then I placed and resized him.

You can customize the background colors of this card and you can change out the text should you desire. It would be more difficult to swap the image on this card since it is a cutout, but if you wanted to create your own cutout card, you would make the background first on one layer, then create a layer for the cutout. This way, it will appear as though the honored pet is walking in front of the background.

Heart Prints Dog Owner Sympathy Card

Heart Prints

You can display sympathy using words and an icon

is very simple. The text, "They always leave their prints on our hearts" appears over a paw print. While this card can be seen as being a bit cheerful in color for a dog owner sympathy card, the sentiment on the card expresses heartfelt sympathies to the owner. If you find it too bright, however, you could always create a new layer, use the paint bucket to add a color, select "additive," make the new layer transparent to your liking, and you'll have a whole new look to the card.

No Words Dog Sympathy Cards Offers Condolences in a Facial Expression

You can create a sympathy card without words on the cover if you find the right image

The No Words card features a huskie inside a graphical frame. His eyes are blue, and I used the eye dropper tool to pick up the blue of his eyes and used that color in the frame. This is an example of how you can create a sympathy card without using any words on the cover. You can easily replace the image in the center with an image of your own choosing. The muted tones and the graphical design make this a great choice for a man who has recently lost his beloved pet.

Beloved Friend Blue Dog Biscuit Sympathy Card

Our dogs are our best friends

Finally, Beloved Friend was a fun card to create. I cut out an image of a dog biscuit and then pasted the biscuit in a brick pattern diagnally across the card. I then created a new layer, used the paint can to create a blue square, and then selected from the layer options to make the layer transparent. This way the buscuits show through, but they also receive the blue tint. I used the eyedropper to pick up the dark blue in the shaddow of the biscuit to create the box that containst he text, "The loss of a beloved dog is the loss of a beloved friend."


Photo on "Favorite Friend" card courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/minita

Image on "Another Angel" card courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/lillylva

Photo image on "Faithful Friend" card modefied version of sxc.hu/gallery/zeegraphix

Photo on "Deepest Sympathy" courtesy of Ronda Levine

Image on "Heart Prints" card courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/avanzero

Photo on "No Words" card courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/ruxy2009

Image on "Beloved friend" card courtesy of sxc.hu/gallery/channah

All cards designed by Ronda Levine using Paint.NET.