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6 Free Gift Certificate Templates: Download & Customize

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 1/31/2015

Make custom gift certificates for your business or to use at home with these free templates. Download the gift certificate templates into Microsoft Publisher and customize them with your company name, logo or any other details you choose.

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    Each of the following gift certificate templates are compatible with Publisher 2003, 2007 or 2010. You can easily add your business information if you wish to sell them or give them to customers or clients. You can also make personal, homemade gift certificates to give to family members and friends.

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    Red Bow Gift Certificate


    Although this template may be simple, it is eye-catching and gets the point across. A red ribbon runs horizontally across the middle of the gift certificate and a big red bow sits festively at the right end of the ribbon. The words For You are typed in a casual but pretty script typeface. You can change the fill color of the ribbon by right-clicking it and selecting Format AutoShape. Recolor the bow using the Fill Color button in Publisher 2003 or 2007, or go to the Format tab under Picture Tools in Publisher 2010 to find recoloring options.

    There are For, From and Amount lines at the bottom of the certificate. There is a text box centered at the top of the certificate with sample text that you can replace with your business name, address and other contact information. If you want to use this certificate for personal giving you can delete this text box by clicking on the border of it to select it and press the Delete key.

    Download Page: Red Bow Gift Certificate

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    Dollar Sign Gift Certificate Template

    Dollar Sign Gift Certificate Template 

    Whether you need a gift for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion, a gift certificate can be just as good as cash. This is the message conveyed by this template. The gift certificate has a two-toned green border. There are Authorized By, Certificate Number and Expiration Date lines at the bottom of the certificate as well as larger For, From and Amount lines near the center. To the right of the center is a green dollar sign behind a text box into which you can enter a dollar amount.

    Download Page: Dollar Sign Gift Certificate Template

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    Valentine's Day Gift Certificate

    Valentine's Day Gift Certificate 

    Valentine's Day is always filled with gift giving. If you are short on cash but long on love, you can create a homemade gift certificate for your sweetheart. On the other hand, if you are a retailer who sells appropriate gifts such as jewelry and perfumes or have a romantic restaurant you can customize these certificates and sell them to patrons.

    Three heart-shaped balloons with the words Love and Be Mine on them flank the left side of the certificate. Below these is a text box into which you can type your business information and a picture placeholder that you can use to insert your logo. The placeholder is not visible until you move your mouse over it. Click on it to easily insert a graphic file from your computer.

    Download Page: Valentine's Day Gift Certificate

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    Spa Gift Certificate

    Spa Gift Certificate 

    Promise someone special a day of pampering or build business for your own spa with these fun spa gift certificate templates. The certificate, which prints three to a page, has a glycerin bubble background and a graphic of a woman enjoying a relaxing facial in the upper left corner. You can change the background and use a different image, color or texture or you can remove the background completely. Go to the Format menu in Publisher 2003 or 2007 and click on Background. In Publisher 2010, go to the Page Design tab and click on Background in the Page Background group to find your options.

    There are Authorized By, Certificate Number and Expiration Date lines at the bottom of the certificate and larger For, From and Amount lines near the center as well.

    Download Page: Spa Gift Certificate

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    Basic Elegant Template

    Basic Elegant Gift Certificate Template 

    This template doesn't have a lot of "fluff," but perhaps that is what you seek. In elegant black, white and silver, the template has a three-dimensional looking geometric decoration across the top behind the words Gift Certificate in a lovely script font. Places for all of the basic information are included, such as lines for the name of both the recipient and the giver and a line in which to write or type the gift certificate amount. You can customize the sample text by typing over it in the text box. For instance, you may wish to change Amount to Good For if you are creating homemade gift certificates.This template prints three certificates on each page.

    Download Page: Basic Elegant Template

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    Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

    Birthday Gift Certificate 

    A gift certificate can be general, such as the previous template, or quite specific, such as this template that produces a bright, cheery birthday-themed certificate. An image of a cake, adorned with flowers and the words Happy Birthday in icing, borders the left of the template. The words Gift Certificate, in the same color as the icing, run across the top of the certificate. There are Authorized By, Certificate Number and Expiration Date lines at the bottom of the certificate as well as larger For, From and Amount lines near the center. There is also a text box beneath the cake picture into which you can type your business information.

    Download Page: Birthday Gift Certificate Templates