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10 Free Burlap Textures for DTP Projects

written by: Amber Neely•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/21/2012

Very few fabrics can rock shabby-chic quite like burlap. Reminiscent of days gone by, burlap reminds us farm houses and simpler times. Looking to get back to basics with a little vintage fabric? This article contains 10 free burlap textures, from new burlap to old ragged burlap and more.

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    1. Old Thin Burlap

    Old Thin Burlap If you're looking for a nice, old burlap texture, try CG Texture's Old, Thin Burlap texture. This shows a fantastic old burlap texture, thin with age, and clearly showing the uneven stitching from wear and tear.

    Please Note: While CG Textures provides some of the best free burlap textures, as well as many other unique textures, they do require you to sign up for a free account to access the high resolution versions of their images. It is also worth noting that free accounts are limited to 15MB worth of textures per day.

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    2. Tightly Woven Burlap

    Tightly Woven Burlap Tightly Woven Burlap by CG Textures shows a very close up texture of a newer, tightly woven burlap swatch, allowing you to see the individual stitches in extreme detail. This texture would be fantastic as a background for a vintage-themed digital scrapbook page, or a texture overlay for a graphics design project.

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    3. Large Burlap Swatch

    Large Burlap Swatch Infinitely tileable as it is a seamless texture, Large Burlap Swatch by CG textures is a fantastic burlap texture that could be applied to digital scrapbooking, logo and graphics design, as well as texture overlays for other desktop publishing projects.

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    4. Burlap Sack Swatch

    Burlap Swatch This high resolution texture is another tightly woven Burlap Sack Swatch from CG Textures. While this one does not show the extreme detail that the others do, this one does offer a nice, subtle effect that would work great for texture overlays and backgrounds. Please note that this texture is not a seamless texture, though, so if you wish to use it as such you must check out our seamless tile tutorial.

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    5. Burlap Sack Swatch

    Burlap Sack Texture Complete with a few fabric folds, holes, and natural scuffs, this Burlap Sack Swatch from CG Textures looks like it could easily be used with any number of 3D design projects, graphics design projects, or just about anything else that calls for a realistic burlap texture.

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    6. Old Burlap Sack

    Thin OId Burlap Sack Another burlap sack swatch, Old Burlap Sack by CG Textures offers an old, thin, ragged texture great for all your vintage desktop publishing projects.

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    7. Burlap Sack Edge Fringe

    Burlap Sack Edge Fringe showcases the edge of a burlap sack, allowing you to see that you can use for the edge of digital scrapbooking projects, logo design projects, web design, and much, much more.

    Burlap Sack Fringe 

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    8. Canvas Texture_001 by BlokkStox

    Canvas Texture 001 by BlokkStox Canvas Texture_001 by BlokkStox on deviantART is one of the most high quality shots of a burlap swatch that I have ever seen. You can clearly see the way the burlap is stitched together, as well as make out individual fibers sticking out. This is a great texture and worth taking a look at.

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    9. Canvas Texture_002 by BlokkStox

    Canvas Texture 002 by BlokkStox Canvas Texture_002 by BlokkStox on deviantART is another fantastic shot of a burlap sack, showcasing the individual stitches and overall weave of burlap. This one contains a bit more visual interest than other shots, so it is a great one to check out.

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    10. Old Burlap by muffet1

    Old Burlap by muffet1 Muffet1 on deviantART has provided a free, fantastic texture of Old Burlap, which has yellowed with age. This is a fairly distant shot that would be good for projects that don't need a lot of extreme detail, but still want something to draw the eye in