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Collection of Great Easter Card Sayings for Your Custom Card Designs

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 1/7/2011

Easter is one of the most universally recognized holidays, with spiritual significance to much of the world. If you've become busy on an Easter themed project these sayings and lines of verse may prove helpful.

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    Easter has been a holiday celebrated by people from many nations for centuries. Whether people celebrate the religious or the secular aspects of the holiday (or a blend of both), one thing is for sure: Easter is a great time of celebration.

    Because of this, designers are usually busy producing decorations, artwork, programs, and props around this festive and solemn holiday season. Part of the creative work may include greeting cards that wish people a happy Easter as either crosses, an empty tomb and a risen Savior or Easter bunnies and Easter eggs become popular themes. Here, Easter card sayings that will go well with the season are listed.

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    Jokes for Easter

    easter 001 For religious folks, Easter isn't much to joke about, so people should be sure to respect the beliefs and feelings of others. For those who appreciate the Easter Bunny, however, jokes may be more appropriate sayings to find inside a greeting card.

    Humorous questions about why the Easter Bunny has a shiny nose, why the Easter Bunny is lucky, what makes a rabbit stew, and others are asked and answered through a number of Easter card sayings that can bring levity and joy to the hearts of the young and old during the Easter season. Find them all at

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    Verses and Poems

    Poems and verses for Easter and other holidays can be found at a great Web site called Verses 4 Cards.easter 002 

    Whether about Mom and Dad, the joy of the season, religious expression, newness of life, or other themes that surround the Easter season, visitors to this Web site will surely find some Easter card sayings that will fit nicely at this time of year. Verses that highlight the joys of life, the whimsical Easter Bunny, and the blessedness of family are also found at this site.

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    Religious Quotes

    easter 003 Quotes from the Bible concerning the resurrection and the Lord are found at the Heaven's Inspirations Web site. This site can be an excellent source for Easter card sayings that may be appropriate greeting card content for religiously minded friends and relatives. This site may be most valuable to designers who do not have familiarity with the Bible. Rather than taking the time to get the events surrounding Easter sorted, users can rely on this site for some quick and appropriate inspiration.

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    A ton of great Easter prayers and blessings are found at the Quick-e-Greets Web site where religious Easter card sayings are found side by sideeaster 004  with love and friendship, family, and children. This one online location can supply creative workers with plenty of ideas for designing Easter greeting cards for every kind of person from every conceivable background.

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    Final Thoughts

    The Easter card sayings found on the sites listed here help designers focus on their creativity without becoming distracted by the need to formulate appropriate copy. One way to approach the creation of Easter cards is to begin with the saying that will go into the card and then design the rest of the Easter card around it. With these great sources for powerful sayings on hand, the job will be easier than ever before.