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OnOne Software PhotoFrame Review

written by: Balachandar Radhakrishnan•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 11/26/2009

OnOne Software has been a pioneer in making some truly remarkable Photoshop plugins or addons that add much value to your image. Their PhotoFrame 4.0 software is the numero-uno solution for adding special frames, edges, borders and texture to your images. Read on to learn more.

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    Enhance Your Images with OnOne Software PhotoFrame 4.0

    Although capturing a captivating image is a definite requirement for a successful photo, so is the ability to add something special to the image. Let's face it, photographs look good behind a well designed frame. Now that we're in the digital era, frames have also gone digital and framing a picture with Photoshop could be a painstaking job. Enter OnOne Software's PhotoFrame 4.0, now you don't have to spend hours on an image designing a frame or a ornamental cut-out. OnOne Software has been a pioneer in making some truly remarkable Photoshop plugins or addons that add much value to your image. Their Photoframe 4.0 software is the numero-uno solution for adding special frames, edges, borders and texture to your images. The possibilities are endless with PhotoFrame and with some professionally designed frames you can't go wrong with your framing.

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    Features & Interface

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    photoframe OnOne Software products always maintain a great interface which makes it popular among professional and hobbyists alike. The interface is similar to iPhoto, on the right are the different frames or borders displayed in thumbnail view and on the left is the collections of borders or frames available to the user. The thumbnails display the image you’ve selected with the different framing or border options. It is just a matter of clicking apply to finalize your choice of the frame. These frames or borders are not just generic ones but contain designs from famous photographers like Jim DiVitale, Helene Glassman, Kevin Kubota, Rick Sammon and others. The provided rulers and guides help you in positioning the frame or border for maximum impact. The framing feature works on the “layers” principle which any Photoshop user will be familiar with and therefore provides more features and usability, Designing a layout also controls what part of the image the frame will cover or expose depending on your selection. Also multiple frames or borders can be layered onto each other to make a more individualistic look. There are also special effects associated with certain frames which add more flair to the image.

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    OnOne Software PhotoFrame

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    Functionality & Flair

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    photoframe4-framestack I am a strong believer in the fact that less is more, so when you throw at a user the ability to add thousands of frames, well it really makes choices difficult. Though I must say that OnOne Software has allowed the user to create presets or custom frames which can be quickly called upon make things a lot easier. Also, once a frame has been applied it can be adjusted down to the smallest of details. Stacking multiple frame or adornments like borders, edges and textures to create and customise your own frame is a killer option that will keep you engrossed for hours making that perfect frame. You can throw everything from shadows to bevels at it. Out of the thousands of options available you can rate ones you like with stars making it easier to select within the endless rows of choices. Although the above mentioned plethora of frame choices only exist in the Professional version and is much more controlled in the Standard version. Again, if you feel that the provided frames are not enough you can always download frame from the OnOne Exchange site where users share their frames and there are some older frame from the maker as well.

    The Professional version of PhotoFrame has hundreds of frames or adornments to choose from including the ones from renowned photographers. The Professional version also provides compatibility with Adobe Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture. The Standard version has a considerably lower choice of frames, but again you can download additional frames from OnOne Software’s website which actually is a very good option. The ability to batch process files is great addon for quickly framing hundreds of images.

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    onone photoframe 4 If you are painstakingly adding frames to your images with Photoshop then you’ll enjoy using PhotoFrame. Though the Professional version is targeted at the pro photographers since it retails for about $260, the Standard version which sells for about $160 is hands down the best and only framing solution that any avid photographer would need. PhotoFrame is compatible with Photoshop CS2 onwards and works well both on the Mac and PC. It is the ultimate tool for frame fanatics and wedding photographers who will fall in love with the tool instantly. With the provided help files and the fantastic collection of online tutorials on the OnOne Software website you can get down to designing snazzy frames and borders in no time at all.