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Review of Zenfolio - Online Photo Hosting

written by: Stephanie Mojica•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/28/2009

Zenfolio is a website that offers advanced photo hosting and selling capabilities to digital photographers. Due to its diverse options and reasonable prices, Zenfolio is recommended for those looking to take their photo business further.

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    Free Trial

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    Zenfolio offers an excellent free trial, which does not require a credit card or extensive personal information. This sets Zenfolio apart from some of its competitors, because a prospective customer can test out most features before making an actual investment into the service.

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    Pricing Options

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    Zenfolio offers three tiers of pricing options for its customers. Even the advanced option is less than $2 a week, which is lower than some of its competitors. All pricing options include unlimited bandwidth, which can be especially helpful to some of the busiest digital photographers. They also come with a custom URL, private and public guestbook entry options, visitor tracking, ways to make money through a referral program, and no limit on the number of online photo albums.

    The basic pricing tier for Zenfolio is $25 per year, but is not ideal for those who would like to set their own prices and set up selling their digital photos online. However, it does allow ordering of prints and may be ideal for those who are more into digital photography as a hobby rather than as a business.

    The unlimited Zenfolio pricing tier is $40 per year, but also does not include some of the advanced selling options in which full-time professional digital photographers may be interested. However, it does offer more features than the basic pricing, such as unlimited storage space.

    The advanced pricing tier for Zenfolio is $100 per year, which is less than $9 per month and is likely the best deal for anyone interested in both online photo storage and sales. This allows digital photographers to set their own pricing options, sell photos in multiple currencies, and create their own sales reports among numerous other options.

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    Service Fees

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    Advanced members of Zenfolio do have service fees taken out of their online photography sales. As of July 2009, the fees ranged from 4 percent to 12 percent depending on which vendor the user selects to fulfill their orders. Payments to photographers are made through PayPal and did not incur any additional fees. However, if a check has to be cut, a $3 service fee is charged by Zenfolio for the service.

    The lower end of the service fees tends to be a better deal, especially for those who might not be selling as many photos without a service such as Zenfolio.

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    Ease of Use

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    Zenfolio is an easy website to use, and supports a variety of digital image formats. In addition, the original photos uploaded can be redownloaded at any time, making it less risky for photographers to experiment with a variety of editing and viewing tools.

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    Uploading Options

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    Uploading is easy on Zenfolio, and can also be done directly from a number of photo editing software programs. A simple uploading interface is available. In addition, users of Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, Apple iPhoto, Microsoft Live Photo Gallery, and Photo Mechanic can upload their pictures to Zenfolio directly from their preferred software interface. In addition, those who switch to Zenfolio from another service can download and use the free software program Migratr to move their images.

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    Documentation and Support

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    Zenfolio offers quality documentation and support for its members, and is also adding more features and text throughout the duration of their online business.