Webshots Review: Free Photo Sharing Website

Why Isn’t Webshots More Popular?

With the many features and benefits of this great, free photo sharing website, it’s a wonder why Webshots isn’t far more popular than it currently is. Not listed in “Five of the Top Photo Sharing Websites Online Compared”, nonetheless, it’s a great site for sharing digital images and videos alike. Webshots is also one of the older, original photo sharing websites on the internet. Back in the early years of this decade, the site was a popular source for unique, colorful screensavers which you could download to your hard drive free with several categories of images from which to choose and new sets of images available every month. From foreign city skylines to animals, people, places and even graphic images created by artists, you could enjoy a host of high-impact screensavers on almost any PC. No knowledge of online imagery production, or other software required. Just a download wizard that installed display software, and created dazzling digital image slide shows on your PC and did everything for you except "kiss you goodnight".

Key Features (5 out of 5)

Also at Webshots you can:

· buy prints of your favorite images

· create digital-image-based products like mouse pads, T-shirts, calendars, greeting cards and photo coffee mugs among many others

· download hundreds of screensavers and PC wallpapers free of charge

· browse more than 636 million digital images (For Your Information: at two seconds viewing each image it’ll take you 40 years and 4 months or so to see them all!)

· members can customize their Webshots homepage

· four different weekly email feeds to join that you can sign up free to receive

· 50 free digital image prints bonus for signup

· Send messages and leave comments on photos

· Download digital photos to your cellular phone

There’s even a site blog you can check out, read and post comments to. The extensive list of features and benefits hardly ends there either. Add in free storage and sharing of 1000 (yes, that’s one thousand) digital images and mobile phone access and uploading ability and you begin to see what a gem this website truly can be. But wait, there’s more! With each month of your free membership, you can upload and store 100 additional photos beyond the already generous quantity allowed. You can easily search the site for the exact type of images you’re looking for from baby animals (43,861 results), pets and sports (15,198,973 results) to ships (744,289 results), cars, home & garden or exotic, spectacular travel photos (61,605,099 results). Many features of Webshots equal or exceed limits of other popular photo sharing website accounts like Flickr which allows a mere 200 uploads in its free account or Photobucket which allows up to 1GB of uploads compared to the 1000 images permitted by a free Webshots account.

Membership Options (4 out of 5)

Okay, as if the benefits of the free memberships aren’t enough, for $2.49 per month or $19.95 per year you can upgrade to a Premium membership to drench yourself with even more online bells, whistles and digital “goodies”. Like what, you ask?

· Unlimited digital image uploads

· Upload of up to 500 digital videos (338,386 results)

· Unlimited digital photo downloads

· All high-resolution, wide screen image displays

· No pop-up or banner ads on your site after login

· V.I.P. status and a star next to your name

· Personalized homepage

· Create private photo albums

· Visitor and download tracking

Digital Photo Sharing Bonanzas

There’s much more to sharing your most prized digital images than just mere uploads to the Webshots photo sharing website. You can also broadcast and bookmark your images through del.icio.us, upload them to your blog or other website, feature your digital images on Blogger, Word Press, Yahoo!, Facebook, emails, e-cards, RSS feeds and photo slide shows. For more information you can always take a Webshots online tour that demonstrates the site’s key features. Its many features are quickly and easily placed at your fingertips on your PC or laptop via the free software and toolbar download. All said and done, Webshots is an excellent photo sharing website application that will provide countless hours of enjoyment along with professional-quality digital image and digital video options free or at very low cost. I highly recommend this website. While you’re at it, why not try a few great screensavers or a free wallpaper image or two.
If all this doesn’t get you hooked, then nothing will.

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