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Upgrading to Picnik Premium: What are the Benefits?

written by: Ashley Hansen•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/15/2010

Picnik is one of the most popular websites for free photo editing and creating custom photo products. However, for just a few dollars a month, visitors can upgrade to Picnik Premium. Find out whether it's worth the extra cash to upgrade Picnik to a premium membership.

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    Advanced Touch Up Features

    Most Picnik users will be most interested in what advanced editing features are available with a Picnik Premium download. There are quite a few advantages in this area for those who love to play with the effects in their photos. For example, some of the touch-up features are quite impressive, and go far beyond what is included in the free membership (which is just the blemish fix, teeth whiten and insta-thin):


    As you can see from the photo, premium members have access to a shine-be-gone, wrinkle remover, sunless tan and other flattering touch-ups.

    Other advanced editing features are really worth the money if you want to get more of out your photos. Experienced photographers will appreciate the special advanced options available when they upgrade Picnik to a premium membership:

    Advanced features 

    Dodging and burning hearken back to the darkroom days, while cloning and levels allows for some of the same fancy manipulations offered in Photoshop and other similar photo editing software.

    The cloning feature in particular has several great aspects. You can choose the size of your brush and the intensity of the clone. You can also go back and erase errors or clean up your clone. Here's an example:

    Before clone After clone 

    Another great feature is the Fancy Focus where you can highlight a certain area of the photo. Again, you get some nice options as far as the size of the focus area and edge hardness.

    Fancy focus 

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    Other Premium Features

    History: When you upgrade Picnik to Premium, you get an unlimited history for your photos - in the free mode, you only get access to your 5 most recent downloads. You can also upload 100 photos at a time with a Premium account.

    Templates: More collage templates, more frames, more stickers and more fonts all come with a Picnik Premium download.

    Premium fonts 

    Unlimited connections: Premium members get unlimited connections to external photo sites like Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and Flickr. Free membership only includes one connection at a time.

    Ad-free: You can say goodbye to ads when you upgrade Picnik to Premium. It makes for a sleeker look and faster uploads.

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    Do the Costs Add Up?

    The costs for a Picnik Premium membership are as follows:

    • 1 month membership for $4.95 -- $4.95 per month
    • 6 month membership for $19.95 -- $3.33 per month
    • 12 month membership for $24.95 -- $2.08 per month

    Overall, this is seriously cheap for all the photo editing features you get, especially when you purchase the 12-month membership. If you're a regular Picnik user, consider upgrading for only a few bucks a month. If you're not sure, you can go on their site and test out some of the premium features. Read this Picnik review for a look at what the free version has to offer.

    If you aren't interested in the extra fonts or doing fancy editing like dodging and burning, and if the limited available history works fine for you, then there's no need to upgrade Picnik any time soon. However, for those who enjoy the convenience of an photo editing website and the Flash features on Picnik, a Picnik Premium download is a simple and affordable solution for your photo editing needs. You can upgrade now at Picnik's website.

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