How to Make a DIY Lens Cap Keeper

Don’t Lose Your Lens Cap Again!

If you have a camera that uses a lens, then you know how painful it can be to remember to always replace the lens cap. You take it off, stick it in a pocket or put it on some sort resting place, and then you have to remember to pick it up back up and put it back on.

While you can purchase lens cap keepers at the store, sometimes these things can get a little pricey and have a tendency to fall off. This means that you not only lost your lens cap keeper, but in some cases are also out quite a few dollars.

There is, however, no need to despair! You can make your own DIY lens cap keeper and save a few bucks in the process.

DIY Instructions


Double-stick Tape (Highest Grade Possible)

Staple Gun

Thick String


Cut out a circular piece of double-stick. Try to buy the highest quality double-stick tape that you can find since your tape may have to withstand outdoor elements: heat, humidity and possibly moisture. (Hopefully, you will be able to protect your camera if it does rain, snow, etc. since this could ruin your camera as well.)


Next, cut a piece of string long enough that you can tie it around your lens, but still be able to reach the end of your lens cap. Decide which end of the tape will stick to the lens cap itself. Now, lift the protective covering off the other end of tape, and stick your string end inside. Replace the covering. For extra protection, staple the string in several places to the tape.

After this, go ahead and tie the string to your lens. Make it tight enough so that it will stay on your lens and not slip off. If you did this right, you should now be able to have just enough string to reach the end of your lens cap. Remove the protective covering off the tape, and stick it to your lens cap.

Carabiner Lens Cap Keeper

Many lenses now come with a loop on the side of the lens cap so that it can be easily hooked onto something. If your lens cap comes this way, then you may consider simply buying a small carabiner.


You can find these at nearly any hardware or outdoor store for only a few bucks. With this, you can simply hook the carabiner onto the lens cap and then hook the lens cap to anything that you have with you: your camera, camera bag, backpack, purse, etc.

Make Your Own

You can easily make your own lens cap keeper by the above methods. You can also experiment on your own. Try creating your own "green" keeper by recycling your plastic bottles into keepers following the advice on this website. And, have fun. Remember that crafts can definitely be used as a de-stressor!