How to Make a Holiday Picture Tree - DIY Photography Craft Project

How to Make a Holiday Picture Tree - DIY Photography Craft Project
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What You Need To Create Your Holiday Photo Tree

  1. Holiday photos of your family and friends from years past
  2. Spanish moss
  3. Glue gun or stick
  4. Styrofoam cone (at least 18")
  5. Artificial pine branches
  6. Artificial red berries
  7. Floral picks (at least 30-40)
  8. Yellow construction paper

Step 1: Set up the tree

  • Glue Spanish moss over the styrofoam cone. This can easily be done by placing dots or thin stripes of hot glue in one area of the cone, arranging the moss over that area, and then repeating. Glue only small sections at a time so the glue doesn’t have a chance to harden before you can set the moss.
  • Next, cut artificial pine branches into sections. You’ll want shorter sections for the top of the tree, and gradually longer sections as you approach the bottom. Insert the branches into the cone one at a time. If you have trouble keeping them in, use a floral pick to help hold the branches in place. Spread out the branches sparsely at first - go back to fill in depending on how thick you would like the tree to be.
  • Glue artificial red berries to the floral picks and place among the branches.
  • Cut out a star from the yellow construction paper. Glue the star to a floral pick and place at the top of the tree.

Step 2: Add the photos

  • It’s finally time to add the best part - your personal photos. Glue a floral pick to the bottom of each photo. Place the photos among the branches. Include as many as you like, making sure photos are facing out on all sides of the tree. Display your photo tree somewhere in the home. It makes for a great table centerpiece since everyone at the table will get to see different photos of your family and friends.

Step 3: Spruce up your tree (optional)

You’ve already made a great photo tree that can be used as a holiday decoration for years to come. Try some of these tips to make it even more festive:

  • Before adding the star to the top of the tree, add some glitter or draw on it with markers. Your family may even want to add their name to the star (for example, “The Hoffmans”) to make it more personal.
  • In addition to the berries, your tree can be adorned with pinecones, mini-lights, lightweight ornaments, or ribbon.
  • If you prefer to keep your tree updated, don’t glue the photos to the floral picks. Instead, just use the floral pick like a card holder, and switch out the photos each year.