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Learn How to Create a Custom Photo Christmas Card

written by: AlyssaAst•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 10/23/2009

Creating a custom photo Christmas card to send out during the holiday season is very easy to do. To take a great photo for the card you must use the right equipment. There are special tips to help you take the best Christmas card photo.

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    In order to create a custom photo Christmas card you must use the correct photography equipment. To take the picture, it will most likely be easier if you use a tripod. This will help keep the camera level and is especially beneficial if you plan to be included in the photo. If you will be taking a photo with multiple people in the shot, use a wide angle lens to prevent any people from being cut off. Depending on the size of the room, you may need a bounce flash. A bounce flash will be very beneficial in small or short room spaces. You may also need an external flash depending on the light source and additional lenses.

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    Before shooting, you must determine a great location for the photo. When choosing a location, take into consideration the light sources. Determine whether you have a natural, fluorescent, or light bulb lighting. Depending on the lighting, you will need to adjust your white balance to correctly capture the colors in the image. If you are unsure how to set the white balance, use the automatic white balance setting on the camera.

    When choosing the location pay attention to the background. If the background is unpleasant, you will want to minimize the use of it in the photo. If the background is more neutral, use a decent amount of it in the photo.

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    A very important tip to remember when taking custom photo Christmas cards is to manually focus the camera. Do not use auto focus. If you use auto focus while photographing multiple people, the lens can become confused with the multiple images to focus on. It is very important to manually set focus on the camera.

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    Christmas Photo

    When taking a Christmas photo, do not take just one picture. Take at least three photos. This will reduce the chance of one person in the shot not looking, or one person cut out of the image. Make sure you study each image closely before deciding on the perfect one to use. Make sure everyone is correctly positioned, making eye contact, and all body parts are in the image before deciding on which image to use for your Christmas card.

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