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Wall Art - Tips on How to Hang Pictures on Your Wall

written by: A. Jitesh•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/13/2009

Wall art can add personality to your room. All of us like to have paintings and photographs –our family, moments of our lives or sceneries – adorn our walls, adding warmth to our homes and making them a lovelier place to live in. Here are ten tips on how to hang pictures on the wall.

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    1. Plan the layout

    Decide on the best wall for your images. Choose a wall according to size and number of pictures you plan to hang, the area of the building the wall is in, and lighting. Always have a focal point for your art, around which the images will be displayed.

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    2. Hang at eye level

    The standard rule of thumb for art galleries is 60 inches from the floor, as this is eye-level for most people. If the area is a dining or conference area, where people would be mostly seated, the picture should be hung at seated eye level. Keep in mind that this rule is for positioning the centre of your art.

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    3. Group the photos

    If you plan to hang multiple small photos in a group, first plan how you’d be grouping them. Create patterns or shapes with them, stagger them up a staircase, mix and match larger and smaller pictures or try and create a collage.

    Although multiple photos can create a dramatic effect, they may also look cluttered and very distracting. So use your diligence at all times.

    If you want to make a particular picture stand out within a group, give a space of around 3-5 inches on each of its sides.

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    4. Try it out first

    To ensure you correctly hang your pictures at the right spot, cut some paper or cardboard to the same size of your artwork, and tape it to the wall. Walk back a few paces and see if it looks right. Mark the edges lightly with pencil before removing the paper, to aid in subsequently attaching the picture.

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    5. Mind the furniture

    If you plan to hang a picture above furniture, such as a chair or an end table, take care that the frame is smaller than the furniture.

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    6. Lighting

    Lighting adds drama and emphasis. Make sure the lighting on the wall you choose is not too bright. Avoid a wall facing a window, to avoid glare.

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    7. Frame or mat

    Photo frames or photo mats in contrasting colours adds beauty to your wall art.

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    8. Avoid nails

    Instead of nails, try to use photo hooks. They look better and tend to distribute weight better.

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    9. Prefer a shaded wall

    Try to avoid hanging a photo in direct sunlight, as it may cause fading.

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    10. Balance is the key

    Finally, make sure the whole arrangement looks balanced. That’s the key for making the art look pleasing and memorable.

    Here are some additional ideas on how to display photos.