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Top 10 Fine Art Photography Websites

written by: Stephanie Mojica•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 6/23/2009

There are a number of fine art photography websites and this is a guide to the 10 best. Those digital photographers who wish to see or learn more about fine art photography have many great choices when seeking this type of artistic medium.

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    Rating Average is devoted to the fine art photography from artists in Canada and throughout the world. One of the features that helps set this apart from most other fine art photography websites is the presence of active user forums. This provides excellent networking and information exchange opportunities along with multiple galleries of some of the best fine art photos in the world.

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    2. Photoarts

    Rating Average

    Photoarts is one of the best homes on the Internet for both fine art photography and general photojournalism. This is a website that, as of June 2009, offered mainly photos based around exotic and war-torn locations such as Cambodia and Iraq, but there was still some general fine art photography available for enthusiasts. Arthur Lavine's "Photographs from Seven Decades" (which starts with fine art photos from the 1940s) is a spirited look at past and current generations. Artists featured at Photoarts also list their exhibition information, purchase details, and biographies.

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    3. Fabfotos

    Rating Average

    Fabfotos is another excellent Internet home for fine art photography. The website acts more like a social networking hub to point viewers to some of the best photographs and associated sites online, but is another quality (and free!) resource for those seeking to see something new in the world of digital photography.

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    4. The Center for Fine Art Photography

    Rating Average

    The Center for Fine Art Photography is different from the previously mentioned websites because it is connected to a brick-and-mortar gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado. However, it still is a great resource for digital photographers across the globe because it offers online galleries free of charge and ways to purchase fine art prints online.

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    5. Pixiport

    Rating Average

    Pixiport allows fine art photographers to submit their work for consideration for website inclusion. It provides a venue for interested digital photographers to both see and exhibit their best work. An especially helpful aspect of Pixiport is the ability for artists to read the latest industry news through articles and links to other fine art photography resources.

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    6. Art-Support

    Rating Average

    Art-Support focuses more on the marketing and business aspects of digital photography, but still offers some exhibitions of fine art photography. This website is a must-see resource for anyone seriously thinking about trying to make a career (whether primary or secondary) as a fine art photographer, and is filled with helpful articles and other necessary information.

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    7. Pat McNulty - Fine Art Photography

    Rating Average

    Pat McNulty - Fine Art Photography is a gallery website that features some free features, but most fine art photographs are listed for sale. All kinds of scenery, animals, lighthouses, and more are available for free viewing (in a limited size) and print purchase. The photographs are quite stunning, though an obvious drawback is it costs money to truly see and appreciate McNulty's fine art photography.

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    8. Fine Art Photo Blog

    Rating Average

    Fine Art Photo Blog offers a diverse set of fine art photographers and their digital work. However, a drawback for some may be the fact that purchases are especially pitched. Despite this caveat, one particular asset of Fine Art Photo Blog is the search engine function which is ideal for those looking to see or buy a fine art photo of a specific type.

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    9. The Journal of Online Photography

    Rating Average

    The Journal of Online Photography would earn a five-star rating except for one major flaw - the website has not been updated in years, according to the publishers. However, this still serves as a useful stop to those interested in seeing fine art photography. A nice touch is also the presence of inspirational quotes.

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    10. New York Noir

    Rating Average

    New York Noir has some excellent fine art photography. However, the images are just of New York and the library is thinner than one might hope. Nevertheless, those wanting to see digital photos of the best - and worst - of New York life and maybe find their own inspiration for their city will find this a useful resource.

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