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Top 10 Free Photoshop Filters

written by: Misty Faucheux•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/20/2011

Want your Photoshop software to do more? Well, just download a free filter plug-in. Not sure which ones to go with? Relax, we've done the work and have put together our top 10 favorite Photoshop filters.

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    All over the Internet you can find plug-ins made by third-party developers for Photoshop. These plug-ins allow Photoshop users to add more capabilities to their Photoshop software or make Photoshop faster and more painless to use. Plus, if you have an older version of the software, you can download these plug-ins to kind of “update" your version of Photoshop.

    After scouring the Internet, we have put together a list of the top 10 free Photoshop filters to be found.

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    VanDerLee and The Works


    VanDerLee Filters: There are five types of filters that come with the VanDerLee set: Camouflage, SnowScape, Hamonix, Snowflakes and NightVision. Camouflage allows you to add camouflage patterns to any picture, 3D model or website. This seamless pattern can be used with photos of any size. SnowScape allows you to add snow to any of your photos. Snowflakes adds falling snowflakes or other particle effects to your pictures. Harmonix allows to manipulate or add harmonic waves. And, you can add a night-vision goggle effect to your photographs with NIghtVision.

    The Works: This filter pack adds some basic effects to your Photoshop software, which can be used for graphic design or for creating special effects. The filters in the set include the following:

    · ColourWorks: 20 color filters .

    · AlphaWorks: 6 transparency filters.theworks: 

    · EdgeWorks: 20 edge and counter effect filters.

    · ScreenWorks: 30 screen overlay filters.

    · EmbossWorks: 20 embossing filters.

    · MasterBlaster: 20 strong color casting filters.

    · SwapShop: 15 color swap filters.

    · Mezzy: 15 graininess or mezzo-creating filters.

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    Photomatic and Luce

    Fotomatic: These filters allow you to create effects similar to those that are found in non-digital photography. They are not meant to exactly match the results from a traditional camera, but are just meant to quickly simulate the effect. The filter series include the following:

    · BW-Plus: Turn color images into black and white with the option of adding a color filter.

    · FastFix: Modify your color balance, brightness, contrast and saturation.

    · Hi-Spot: Create high-contrasting black and white photos.

    · G-Force: Create monochromatic grain effects.

    · NightScope: Add a night-vision goggle effect.

    · Techni-X: Create high-contrasting black and white photos for illustration work.

    · SkyGrad: Tint the sky.

    · Pseudo-IR: Create black and white infrared film effects.

    Luce: With this filter, you can create a sunshine or light effect on your photographs.

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    Flaming Pear and Richard Roseman

    Source: Flaming Pear: This is another series of plug-ins that can be used for a variety of effects. The top ones include the following:

    · Tachyon: Invert the bright and dark areas of your photo without changing the hues.

    · ChromaSolarize: Creates surreal effects.

    · Anaglyph Flip: Switches out the left- and right-eyed channels of red/cyan anaglyphic 3-D images.

    · Swap Red and Blue/Swap Red and Green/Swap Green and Blue Filters.

    · RGB ->HSL/HSL->RGB: Takes red, green and blue and switches them with hue, saturation and luminance or vice versa.

    Richard Roseman Filters: These filters also allow you to do a variety of effects, including the following:

    · Superformula: Create geometric shapes.

    · Tiler: Make an image tileable.

    · 3-D Sphere Generator: Create a 3-D sphere.

    · Pinocchio: Distort your images with your mouse.

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    Kyoto and Dust and Scratch Removal

    Freebies - Kyoto-Color: Kyoto Filters: These filters allow you to manipulate color, hue, saturation and many other items. You can also use their random tool that will give the computer free reign over settings if you would rather not do it yourself.

    Dust and Scratch Removal: has gotten into the game of free plug-ins with this tool. The tool lets you easily remove dust or scratches from older photographs. You can either allow the computer to do the removal, or you can do it yourself. You can use Adaptive Filtering to adjust the sensitivity of the tool.

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    Mosaic Filter and BorderMania

    Auto Fx’s Mosaic Filter: This is a huge filter that will greatly expand the capabilities of your current Photoshop mosaic tools. Plus, if Mosaic: you have other Auto FX filters installed on your computer, this tool will allow you to access them without having to shut down the current filter. The Mosaic Filter also lets you add a variety of effects to create any type of mosaic that you wish.

    BorderMania Filter: Just as the name implies, you can add borders or frames to your photographs. You can adjust your border to fit your needs by using the parameters pop-up menu. You can create effects like Original Magazine Cover, or add a picture frame to your favorite digital image. This also includes a filter to add buttons to you photo.