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Creative Freelance Photography Businesses

written by: Rose Smith•edited by: Tricia Goss•updated: 5/14/2011

Freelance photography can be a successful business for determined photographers. The Internet and digital photography have opened up more opportunities for freelance photography.

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    Weddings and Social Events


    Talented freelance photographers can build a steady stream of income through weddings and other social events such as car shows, corporate events and group gatherings. According to Cost Helpers, low-end wedding photographers typically charge $1,000 while mid-range photographers charge between $1,000 and $3,000. High-end wedding photographers command between $5,000 and $10,000.

    Add corporate events to the mix and freelance photographers can earn excellent income full-time or part-time. To find wedding business, freelance photographers typically attend bridal events and hand out brochures and business cards. An online presence also caters to both wedding and corporate clients. Joining associations such as the Chamber of Commerce and volunteering to do a few events at your costs can garner plenty of corporate business.

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    Business and Church History


    Photographers can find plenty of work specializing in shooting at corporate meetings and church events. Big businesses and established churches typically record historic events for posterity. It is an open market for freelancers who can take photographs of guest speakers, grand openings, board meeting events, church openings, anniversaries and special events.

    Promote your services by mailing marketing packets with prices to local churches and corporate businesses. Call the church or corporation and ask for the name of the marketing manager, church secretary or events coordinator. Get the correct spelling of the first and last name and mail or e-mail the package to them with a note letting them know you will contact them by phone in about a week. Call to make sure they received your materials and offer them a 10 to 25 percent discount on their first shoot.

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    Online Stock Photography

    Websites need a range of photos to complement the content they publish. Millions of images are downloaded and uploaded every day. Several online libraries stock photos to download for free or for a price. Here is a list of places online stock photography sites:

    Each website charges customers a usage fee to download the photo, which is typically a one-time usage fee. If they offer a more than one time usage fee, the charge is much higher. The stock photography site then shares a percentage of the fee with the owner of the photograph. They usually do not charge the photographer anything to upload photos, but may pose certain restrictions on what type of photos they accept.

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    Photography Information and Review Website

    Digital cameras have stirred a photography revolution. Novice photographers and professionals alike cannot get enough of clicking pictures and uploading them to websites to share with friends, family or customers. With this heightened interest comes a thirst for information. People want to know:

    • What type of special effects they can add to photos
    • What equipment is out there, how it works and which photo equipment works best
    • What type of editing software is out there and which one does what
    • What's down the pipeline--what new software is coming

    As a freelance photographer, you can run a niche website displaying your photos and walking clients through the process of creating the same effect. You can even teach others how to become a professional freelance photographer.


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    Exploring Opportunities

    This is an exciting time for freelancers. The Internet allows freelancers to send their art practically anywhere around the world. Dive in and explore all of the opportunities available as a freelancer by posting your work online, starting a niche site or looking into providing photos for local events.

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