Top Five Best RODE Microphones for Studio Recording

Top Five Best RODE Microphones for Studio Recording
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Rode NT1-A

This microphone is known as a good “starter” microphone. It has a number of practical purposes and can be used in studio recording for vocal and instrument recording as well as voice over recording. It is a great addition to your studio, as it features an extremely low self noise and a full frequency range. The microphone is a cardioid condenser, meaning that it has a wide polar pattern, but is directional. This is a good microphone to keep in mind for general studio recording.

Price: $229

Rode NT2-A

The Rode NT2-A is based on a similar design as the NT1-A, but features switchable pickup patterns, frequency filters and decibel pads.


It can be switched between cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8 or bi-directional. It also has a built in low pass and high pass filter, great for getting rid of unwanted noise in your studio recording. Rode set out to build a microphone that could ideally be used for all situations, and they got very close with the NT2-A. It can be used for almost any studio purpose, as long as all of the features are used properly.

Price: $399

Rode NT55


The Rode NT55 is a small diaphragm condenser, or pencil microphone. Ideally, this microphone would be bought as a matched pair and used for stereo studio recording. The microphone comes with both a cardioid and omnidirectional capsule, which allows the microphone to be used for directional recording, or for recording a whole room. Like the NT2-A, the Rode NT55 has a high and low pass filter as well as switchable decibel pads for those extra loud recording sessions in your studio. Use this microphone for recording amplifiers, acoustic guitars, pianos and other multiple microphone setups.

Price: $369

Rode M3

As a medium diaphragm microphone, the Rode M3 is designed for recording vocals, acoustic guitar and other soft sounding recordings.


The M3 can be used with phantom power from an external source or with an internal 9V battery, which means it can be used in the studio or outside of it. The frequency range gives it an especially warm sound, though it may not be ideal for those that want to get a bright sound out of their recordings. It’s price is hard to beat for the kind of full sound that you can get out of this microphone.

Price: $149

Rode S1


This is the only microphone on the list that is a dynamic microphone, as they are not always used in studio recording, though they do have their place. Dynamic microphones are more durable and direction than their condenser counterparts. The Rode S1 is the top of the line dynamic microphone from Rode, high quality enough for use in the studio. It can be a useful microphone for drum and brass instrument recording, because it is not so sensitive to louder sounds. Of course, you must be extra cautious about picking the right preamp, as to get a full frequency range from this microphone.

Price: $329


Reference and Image Credit: Rode microphones

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