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Fun Fundraising Ideas for the Office

written by: Ksingh•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 6/4/2010

Do you need professional or fun office fundraising ideas? Innovative fundraising ideas are a great option and, therefore, the importance of using your imagination cannot be emphasized enough. Explore some fun-filled office fundraiser ideas in this article.

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    Not all fundraisers need to be serious or professional. You can have fun and a few good laughs along with raising some funds when you are doing it with your office colleagues to support any worthwhile charity. You'll need a bit of organizing and pre-planning to make your office fundraiser a great success while having a whale of time.

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    Planning for It

    Fun Office Fundraising Ideas Plan how long it should be; whether it should be a quick one-day fundraiser or if it should be extended over a week ending in a grand finale of a fun-filled Friday. Determine entry fees per activity; you can make it $5 per activity and plan for some inexpensive prizes and try to to keep the incidentals low. Check whether vendors and suppliers who may be willing to sponsor the prizes.

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    Brainstorm for Ideas

    After deciding the date, ask around in the office for innovative ideas to make it as fun-filled as possible. Make a list of feasible ideas. Try to have activities that will foster the community spirit and good cheer.

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    Basic Ideas

    Here are some great and fun office fundraising ideas to help your event be successful:

    • Spelling/Quiz contest - Have the staff divide up in teams with a $5 entry fee/per head for a spelling/quiz contest. The winning team gets a free dessert coupon which can be redeemed on the final day.
    • Hold an Auction - Get everyone to donate a small item - if possible ethnic handcrafts - and auction creatively to get a good price for each one.
    • Themed Lunches - Pasta or spaghetti lunches in the office cafeteria that are charged per head and per dish.
    • Treasure Hunt - Plan a treasure hunt, after hiding an inexpensive prize with hints hidden at various places throughout the office and charge an entry fee; who finds the treasure gets the prize.
    • Hoopla Rings - All participants, with an entry fee, try to throw a number of rings over a target and who throws the maximum rings gets the prize.
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    Innovative Ideas

    You can also try some of these innovative and fun office fundraising ideas:

    • Temporary Tattoos - Arrange to have funny and exotic temporary tattoos fixed for a fee placed on participants. They should be placed on the cheek or forehead to add to the fun.
    • Ugly Duckling - All participants, for a fee, should come dressed with the most ill-matched ensemble, in shocking color co-ordination. Have three senior colleagues to judge and offer an award to the most ugly-dressed colleague.
    • Bursting Balloons - Tie up blown balloons by threads swinging loose and free at a slightly higher level and ask the participants to burst them with hands tied behind their back holding a pencil by the teeth (a new pencil with sharp ends is best).
    • Photo Competition - Collect baby photos of all the colleagues and display on a board allotting numbers. All participants, for a fee, will guess which colleague matches the photo number on the display board. Whomever gets the maximum correct guesses wins the prize.
    • Walk the Ramp - A mock fashion show where a male and a female colleague will be paired off two by two. Female colleagues can help the male colleagues to dress up like ladies and walk the cat walk to win a prize. Senior colleges can be the judges. Offer a tinsel crown and scepter for the winning model and a scissors and measuring tape for the stylist as prizes.
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    Essential Tips:

    Be sure to follow some of these essential tips:

    • Take a lot of snaps of all activities to have mementos of the day, include everybody so none feels left out.
    • Thank-you note cards to all participants.
    • Make it good clean fun and no malice or sarcasm to mar the party mood.
    • End with full dinner - of course paid per plate per person.

    Donating our time, earnings and talents to make a fundraiser a great success is good way of sharing what we have with the less privileged. And to have a great time doing it encourages us to be more generous and to reach out to others fostering team-spirit and feel-good camaraderie among office colleagues. You'll be sure to have a profitable event if you utilize some of these fun office fundraising ideas.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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