Learn to Write a Follow Up Letter After a Job Interview

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You should write a follow up letter after a job interview for a number of reasons. First, it shows that you appreciate being given the interview opportunity and the interviewer’s time. Next, it gives you a chance to briefly go over why you are a good candidate and will bring you back to the forefront of the interviewers mind when he or she is reviewing applicants.


Applicants should send their follow up letter after a job interview no later than three business days from the initial interview. Ideally, the letter should be sent the following day, but if additional information has been requested it may take a bit longer. Sending the letter quickly increases the chance that the hiring decision won’t have already been made.


While handwriting the letter is always a nice personal touch, a more professional form would be either a typed copy or an email letter. The typed copy is the more traditional method and should be sent sooner, as it will take longer to arrive. If the interviewer expressed a preference to email communication, send the follow up letter in an email. Whichever form you use, be sure to use proper letter writing guidelines.

You should begin your letter with:

Your Name

Your Street Address

Your City, State, Zip Code

Your Daytime Phone Number

Your Email

**Double Space**


**Double Space**

Interviewer’s Name

Interviewer’s Title


Business Address

Business City, State, Zip Code

**Double Space**

Dear Mr/Ms. Interviewer’s Last Name

**Double Space**

First Paragraph: Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview for the position. Should be 2-3 sentences.

Second Paragraph: Reiterate why you are the ideal candidate. Should be 2-3 sentences

Third Paragraph: Give any additional information requested in the interview.

Fourth Paragraph: Express your interest in working for the company and provide your contact information.

**Double Space**


Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)

Your Typed Name