Sell Your Unworn Clothing! Clothing with Tags Still Attached Can Bring Money on Amazon, Ebay & Other Sources

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Extra Unworn Clothes? Sell Them!

So you need a little extra cash and really have no time and no desire to get a second job. So what else can you do? How about selling your clothes? Look through your closet and find any clothing that you have, but have never worn and have tags on them. You may be surprised at how much extra cash you could make by selling these items.

Make sure that the items you wish to sell still have their tags on them. You may be able to still sell the ones without tags, (as long as they were never worn) but you will most likely get more money with all tags attached.

Now find a place you can sell your stuff. There are many places online were you are able to sell your things, such as Ebay and Amazon. Just remember to check to see if there are any fees to sell your clothing and if you will have to give them a certain percentage. Many places you will have to, which is fine and legit but it is something you should be aware of so you understand where the money is going.

There are also places in your city where you can bring your clothing and get money for them if they sell. Ask around or do a detailed search to find these places and ask about their fees and how much money they are willing to give you if your things should sell.

Another idea would be to buy things that are in demand for a cheap price. For example, if a certain Banana Republic coat was really in demand, you can wait until the end of the season and buy it when it is on sale. You can then sell it online on Ebay for a higher price so you will actually make a profit. Many people actually make this their part time job, which can end up helping you make significantly more money.

Selling your old duds is easy and a great way to make some money in the process. So gather up your unworn clothing and start selling!