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Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

written by: chesanekc•edited by: Jason C. Chavis•updated: 6/29/2011

The holidays can be an expensive time of year. By simply budgeting on things like Christmas cards and wrapping paper, one can secure holiday savings that keep the cheer alive!

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    Saving Money on the Holidays

    Nativity tree 

    When the holidays spring up on us, we may get overwhelmed because it can be extremely costly. It's hard to try to keep the costs of the holidays down, but by cutting down even the smallest things, your holidays can really cost you a lot less.

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    Christmas Cards or Phone Calls?

    Many people want to get in touch during the holiday season. Some like to send out Christmas cards, while others may tend to make a lot more phone calls during this time of year than they normally do. Before doing any of this, stop and think. Many Christmas cards can cost a lot of money, especially when you buy a lot of them. Phone calls can also cost a pretty penny, especially if they are long distance calls that are being made. You may want to omit one or the other during the holidays.

    If you really want to send Christmas cards, then instead of buying individual ones, buy them in bulk. Surprisingly they are much cheaper than if you were to buy the cards separately. A box of 10 or 20 can actually cost less than $5 in some stores, while one Christmas card can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $3 or $4! Another option is to make your own Christmas cards. This takes a little extra time, but it shows that personal touch. A Christmas card may be even better than calling a friend who is long distance because it shows you were thinking of them but it won't cost you any minutes.

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    Budget on Wrapping Paper

    Wrapping paper can also cost a lot of money. Many stores sell the paper for $5 or more. In order to get the best deal on wrapping paper, you really need to look around at different stores. Big department stores usually offer a better selection with some cheaper prices on wrapping paper and bows, compared to the smaller places. Another option is to check your local dollar store, there may not be a large selection, but the price point is there. A great idea to remember is to save any wrapping paper from the previous year. Most of the times, we all buy wrapping paper on a roll so there usually is some paper left. Save the paper and tuck it away for next year.

    Holiday entertainment is always a fun way to celebrate this fun time of year and it does not have to be expensive. Walk or drive around your neighborhood and look at all the beautiful lights that are displayed. A cozy night next to the fire and a cup of hot chocolate is also a fun idea to spread cheap cheer!

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