No Money for Gifts? Have Christmas Anyway!

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How to Have Christmas With No Money

If you are facing difficult economic times, you may be wondering how to get Christmas gifts with no money. The holidays can be a depressing time when you do not have enough to make ends meet. It can be difficult to come up with gifts when you have no money to spend on them.

Raise Money

You can raise some money to purchase gifts by selling something that you own. If you have a lot of old video games that you no longer play you can sell those. You can also sell your old CDs, books or DVDs. Take a look around your house for things that you no longer use, but are still useful and consider selling it to raise a little money for the holidays.


Another way to cope when you are low on cash is to give the gift of help or service to your friends or family. You can volunteer to spend some time helping out with a home improvement project or baby-sit so a couple can go out on a date. You may volunteer to cook for the family for a big meal or make all of the birthday cakes for a year. This is a great alternative because you can match your talent with your friend’s need and help everyone.

Make Your Own Gifts

You can also make gifts when you do not have money for Christmas gifts. Consider going through all of your double prints, and creating a collage for each of your friends. If you have gone digital you could create digital scrapbook pages or put together a slideshow and burn it to a DVD. Additionally you could make a craft, baked goods or sew something. Consider the things that you are best at and get creative.

Give Your Time

One of the best parts of the holidays is looking back at the memories that you have had at Christmas time. If you do not have money to spend on Christmas, focus on creating experiences that your family and friends will cherish. This may mean Christmas caroling, making cookies together as a family, spending time going sledding. Make the day special, and pull the focus away from the gifts. You will be surprised how this Christmas turns out to be one of your family’s favorites.