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All-In Hold 'Em - Tournament Poker For Windows Mobile

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/27/2011

No limit, pot limit and limit play, there all available when you play All-In Hold 'Em for Windows Mobile. Enjoy the comfort of tournament play or enjoy a game of quick play at your own leisure. We love this game, give it a try and you'll quickly see why.

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    Admittedly All-In Hold 'Em doesn't feature amazing graphics, there actually rather simplistic, however that's not the point of this game, it exists solely to offer excellent tournament style and quick play versions of the popular poker game Texas Hold 'Em. For an example of the Window Mobile games graphics here's a screenshot:

    As you can also see from the screenshot shown above the standard table setup is shown. You can see your own cards, the backside of the players cards, the name of each player and their next move such as raise, call, check or fold. The screen also shows you the call, raise and fold buttons at the bottom left of the display. The betting buttons are easy to press as they are some of the larger options found on the display, making it easy to choose your next move.

    Playing against computer opponents has never been better than this offering, for instance there are three types of players who play loose, tight and Normal. This means you never know if a player is bluffing you or playing it safe. It's not full artificial intelligence, but its the next best thing.

    My favorite part of playing this game however was that some computer players actually have "tells" that you can discover and use to your own advantage. Some tells are easier than others to discover and it definitely adds a feel of realism to each tournament or even quick play games.

    All-In also features 3 different types of gameplay, as mentioned in my intro they include no limit, limit and pot limit play. Each game follows the standard rules of each game type which also adds to the realism of the overall tournaments.

    Finally I enjoyed "career mode" and will continue to use that option in my future gameplay. Using this option users actually have to play a ton of games and move from a new player to an up and comer all the way up to the top poker player on the circuit. You play various games to reach these levels such as ring games or tournament games. As you're bankroll increases so does your rank among your fellow player. Can you hit the big money games? Or will you end up broke and starting from the lower rungs once again. This option definitely adds some nice role playing for players looking for a more involved poker app.

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    Final Thoughts

    You don't have to be afraid of All-In Hold 'Em if your relatively new to poker or you've never played a hand in your life, since the application offers a well thought out set of tips and tricks that can help guide you along the way. Learn poker, enjoy poker and become the head honcho in this excellent Windows Mobile poker game. You can download this excellent casino game for $14.95 at Handango, or give the free trial a spin, we're convinced you won't be disappointed.