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Give Your Windows Mobile Today Screen an iPhone Makeover

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

Another in a long line of iPhone skins for Windows Mobile - iPhoneToday brings shiny square icons to the Windows Mobile platform enabling you to give your phone an Apple-themed facelift!

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    New iPhone Theme For Windows Mobile

    iPhoneToday is the latest iPhone skin for WIndows Mobile.

    Rather than attempting to skin the entire phone, iPhoneToday sticks to providing an Apple-esque theme to the Today screen and its immediate subpages.

    It's fully customisable, allowing you to choose exactly which applications you want access to from your new Today screen, and has been designed to be extremely resource light - there are no new processes introduced into Windows Mobile by iPhoneToday as the theme uses all of the UI mechanics of the host device.

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    Installing iPhoneToday

    At just 410 kb, iPhoneToday is available from - the download ZIP file includes two CAB files and some XML files, so the best path for installation is to download this ZIp file to your PC, unzip and copy the unpacked contents into a folder on your Windows Mobile device.

    As far as system requirements go, while iPhoneToday runs on WIndows Mobile 5.0 and higher devices, it seems to have difficulty with phones running TouchFLO 3D. The reason for this is obvious - installing iPhoneToday means you're effectively adding a skin to a skin. TouchFLO should be disabled or at best uninstalled before installing iPhoneToday.

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    iPhoneToday Screenshots

    iPhoneTodaySeveral menu screens can be setup in iPhoneToday
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    iPhoneToday Setup

    Setting up the iPhoneToday theme can be a little daunting. This is due to the on the fly nature of the software - it's a lightweight theme rather than a whole new user interface, and as such quite a bit of time needs to be spent assigning images, executable links and so forth in order to get a set of workable icons.

    There are 32 icons available based on the iPhone design and intended for use with some of the most common Windows Mobile applications, although it is simple to make your own buttons using either a buttonizer tool or Photoshop, so there is no need to feel limited by the options included in iPhoneToday.

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    Shiny New Look

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    One thing that strikes me about iPhoneToday is that when installed on a bare, TouchFLO-free WIndows Mobile device it runs very well; there doesn't appear to be any bugs or crashes, and it all holds together well, making it a very good replacement Today screen.

    There's really only any use for iPhoneToday if you're using a Windows Mobile device without TouchFLO 3D, Spb Mobile Shell 3 or you haven't graduated to Windows Mobile 6.5. Ultimately iPhoneToday is for older Windows phones with a traditional list-style Today screen rather than the modern HTC interfaces.

    Regardless of how you use iPhoneToday, you'll find it works well and gives your phone a shiny new look.