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Transform Your WinMo Phone with an iPhone Makeover

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

With iFonz, you can make your Windows Mobile "cool" by applying an iPhone style skin to the UI. The question is, why would you want to?

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    Sick of Windows Mobile?

    iFonz 2 is the latest version of the bizarre iPhone skin for Windows Mobile, suited to those with suitable envy for the touch friendly Apple iPhone interface.

    It's a free download that gives your Windows Mobile device an instant makeover - although in a world with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Spb Mobile Shell, the question has to be "why?"

    For every reason someone offers in favour of the iPhone over Windows Mobile, I can give two in favour of the Microsoft platform. The iPhone is a great device - but it isn't a multifunctioning business-focussed device like so many Windows Mobile devices are...

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    iFonz 2 Screenshots

    iFonz 2 Today screenApplication launcher
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    Installation and Requirements

    iFonz 2 is available for download from It's a zipped up CAB file that will need to be extracted and copied to your Windows Mobile device in order to begin to installation.

    iFonz 2 also requires that your Windows Mobile 5, 6 or 6.1 device is running Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework v3.5 (available here), as well as 2 MB of free RAM on QVGA resolution devices and 4 MB free RAM on VGA devices.

    Usually I would advise you to just install and restart your Windows Mobile device - however in this case I would strongly recommend making a backup of contacts, emails etc, and where possible make sure you have a copy of your installer files close at hand.

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    Your Windows Mobile is Not An iPhone

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    This isn't in itself a reason to reject iFonz - the reason this software is so poor is that the programmer, talented as he or she is, doesn't seem to understand the basic concepts of testing and usability. Over the months considerable added features have been incorporated into iFonz, yet the software continues to run poorly. Earlier bugs have been cleared up only for new ones to take their place.

    With Spb Mobile Shell 3 and Windows Mobile 6.5 now available, it seems bizarre to drop the very identify of Windows Mobile in favour of the stylings of a rival platforms. I don't see anyone offering BlackBerry Storm skins.

    Of course, this is the beauty of Windows Mobile - the very fact that you can create something like iFonz 2. However in this case, the software simply isn't good enough for prolonged usage.

    iPhone stylings + bad programming = poor application. Stay well clear.