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What Are the Best Windows Phone 7 News Apps?

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/29/2010

There are many news apps for Windows Phone 7 - but which offer the best news sources and functionality?

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    Windows Phone 7 News Apps

    There are several suitable news apps available for Windows Phone 7 – these can be used to stay up to date with all of the latest news that interests you. Such apps are available via the Zune Marketplace, and can either be tailored to suit your requirements or are available as specifically themed applications, for things like sports news, or local news, etc.

    This round-up of Windows Phone 7 news apps features quite a wide selection of apps built around different sources. We’ve only touched upon the tip of the iceberg here, and you should be able to find pretty much any type of news app on the Zune Marketplace. Remember that Windows Phone 7 apps can all be tried out first via the trial option.

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    Sports News

    Windows Phone 7 apps for sports news There are several Windows Phone 7 sports news applications available, but of most interest should be the Weave Sports News app. This comprehensive tool features sports news from a variety of quality sources such as ESPN, comes with 9 pre-loaded categories such as NFL, NHL, Soccer, Tennis and Golf, and also allows the user to add new categories.

    Additional news sources can also be introduced based on topic or website name, and sports news articles can be shared via email, Facebook or even Twitter. This Windows Phone 7 news app is a snip at just 79p from the Zune Marketplace.

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    BBC News Mobile

    BBC Windows Phone 7 apps for news Available for free is the BBC News Mobile app which has been developed by a third party. This app is easy to use, however, and features the option to read news items from any category as well as share the news via email or SMS.

    Although it could do with some tweaks (removing the background of the famous BBC Television Centre, for instance) this app is very useful – in fact vital to any Windows Phone 7 user in the UK with an interest in keeping in touch with the most up to date news.

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    The Guardian News

    The Guardian Windows Phone 7 apps for news Another non-affiliated mobile news app comes in the shape of content from The Guardian, available for 79p. This app features all of the major categories found at and can be read in portrait and landscape mode.

    News articles are formatted to display text only, with the option to view the full article and images in your mobile browser if required. As The Guardian is quite a popular newspaper, this is a great app to have, and the app is designed to integrate with the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI so it looks superb and is easy to navigate.

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    New York Times

    Windows Phone 7 apps for news Access to the New York Times from your Windows Phone 7 handset is made possible by 7AppsLabs, and they have made this app available for just 79p in the UK.

    Designed to allow fast browsing of the New York Times, this Windows Phone 7 news app utilises a built in browser for viewing articles in their true form, including any photos and other media that might be included. News items can be shared via email, as well as viewed in portrait and landscape mode, and as with the best apps, the New York Times newsreader is designed to integrate with the Metro UI.

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    Gossip News Apps

    Windows Phone 7 apps for news If general or sports news apps aren’t your thing, and all you want to know is what happens next on your favourite show and who is stepping out with whom, then you need to check out one of the Windows Phone 7 gossip news apps. There are two in particular that you can choose from that both deliver news from a selection of great sources.

    Hollywood’s Hottest (pictured) features showbiz news and rumours for movies, TV and music, and allows you to add your own sources, all for 79p!

    Meanwhile Gossip Junkies sources content from all of the top gossip websites and blogs, and is also available for just 79p in the UK.