How to Send Contacts Using Bluetooth with Windows Mobile

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The actual process of transfer contact information from one Windows Mobile device to another mobile device is known as “Beaming” This is a simple process that can be accomplished in several steps. However, please make sure you follow the steps exactly as written or the process will not complete correctly.

Contact Beaming Directions

Click on the Start button on your Windows Mobile device.

Visit the Contacts area by clicking on that option.

Find the contact you want to beam. You can simply scroll through your contacts as you normal would.

Tap on the Menu option and then choose the Send Contact option. Then choose the Beam option.

Make sure the bluetooth option for the device you are sending to is turned on and that the device is in “discoverable” mode which can typically be found on the devices bluetooth connection menu.

Wait for the device to appear on your devices menu, once the device appears click on it from your transferring devices display.

The contact information should now be transferring to the new device. You should see a notice pop up that says “Pending” and once the process has completed it will read “Done” on the display. If for any reason the process has failed the screen will say “Failed” at which point you should try the process a second time.

Once completed visit the contacts screen on the other Windows Mobile device and verify that the contact information properly transferred to the device. Typically this isn’t a problem if the process says “Done” however I still recommend checking.

Once you verify that the information has successfully transferred I would enter back into the Bluetooth settings and turn the devices discoverable mode off, this will ensure no one else can access your phone and send you spam messages or do any other harm to your device.

That’s the entire process. Enjoy.