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Top Ten Apps for the Nokia N8

written by: S. R. Obbayi•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/25/2011

Nokia N8 applications are in their hundreds if not more, with many functions ranging from games to watching TV. There are many Nokia N8 applications that could be downloaded depending on what you are looking for. In the ensuing lines you will find the top ten Nokia N8 apps.

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    1. Opera Mobile 10

    Opera mobile 10 Opera Mobile 10 is now available for download and can be used on almost every mobile phone. One nice feature of Opera Mobile 10Nokia n8  is speed dialing which shows all your favorite numbers in an easy to find grid format and there are also tabs for browsing. Opera Mobile 10 compresses web pages to both improve page loading time and reduce the charges that web browsing adds to the monthly bill or the impact on usage limits if you have a set plan. Opera Mobile 10 is free to download. Opera Mobile 10 is not yet available for the iPhone.


    Opera Software’s browser is nicely put together. It is free and has excellent upgrade support. It has many helpful features that keep the desktop tidy through its tabbed browsing option, which opens web pages in tabbed windows inside a single software initiation of the application. There are a range of tools to help you find information, including integrated search-enabled toolbars for use on the Internet, which allows instantaneous lookups of selected words and phrases.

    Download Link

    Using your mobile phone, go to or from a computer go to

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    2. Skype

    Skype Skype is a free VOIP application that lets you make calls from your computer to any other users of Skype for free. It is considered one of the best Nokia N8 applications.


    Skype is the cheapest way to call other countries and is an excellent application for the Nokia N8 since calling other countries from a mobile phone can be really expensive. Skype is now well-established and the sound quality of calls made over the Skype network has improved substantially.

    Download Link

    Download Skype

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    3. Snaptu

    snaptu Snaptu turns your favorite websites into ultra fast mobile apps that work on your phone.


    Snaptu is the perfect application for social networking and for getting other updates. Snaptu offers quick access to Facebook and Twitter, as well as updated weather reports, news and popular games. You can stay in touch with all your friends and never miss out on any of the updates.

    Download link

    Download Snaptu

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    4. Tube Map

    Tube Map A map of London’s underground transportation system.


    Whether you are visiting or living in London, there is no way of escaping the need to use the Tube - London’s underground transportation system. It’s a much nicer trip if you know where you’re going. Mobile telephone service does not work underground, so you can’t check the map of the Tube on the Internet. Having it pre-installed on your mobile phone is a great help.

    Download link

    Download Tube Map Application

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    5. Sports Tracker

    sports tracker This is an exercise application enabled with GPS. A very interesting option among the available Nokia N8 apps.


    It doesn’t matter if you are walking, running, hiking or biking, this handy application will track your progress through the use of an advanced GPS system to accurately keep track of your speed and route. You can see your location on the map and watch your progress towards your goal. Knowing your progress helps to motivate you to get healthier.

    Download link

    Download Sports Tracker Application

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    6. Fring

    Fring Fring is another voice and message application that works with VOIP.


    For those interested in a service other than Skype, Fring is a great alternative. It gives you freedom to make calls without having to pay exorbitant international calling rates.

    Download link

    Download Fring

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    7. Dictionary & Translation Pro

    This is dictionary and translation software.


    Having an online dictionary at your finger tips is a lot easier than toting around a heavy dictionary and it is faster to look up the words, than trying to find the definitions through Google.

    When you need to know what a word means right away, this is the application that can tell you.

    Download link

    Download Dictionary & Translation Pro

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    8. Ovi Maps

    Ovi Maps This is a GPS map with many features and serves as Nokia's answer to Google Maps.


    Ovi Maps has all the features of a full TomTom system, but offers the service for free. You can be guided by turn-by-turn voice navigation. It also has satellite imaging. This is an essential Nokia N8 application.

    Download link

    Download Ovi Maps

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    9. Mobile Documents

    This application is a Microsoft Office emulation.


    Anyone can email documents to you in all the popular formats such as .doc, .ppt or .pdf files. Mobile Documents conveniently lets you view them instantly, without downloading the full file. As Nokia N8 applications for business people go this one is a must-have.

    Download link

    Download Mobile Documents Application

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    10. HP iPrint Photo

    HP iPrint Photo This Nokia N8 application creates a wireless connection to HP printers.


    There’s no point downloading this if you don’t have an HP printer, but if you do it’s a must-have application. It lets you print from any HP printer in the same wireless network as you.

    box Hp iPrint Photo Download link

    Download HP iPrint Photo