Best Five Cheap Mobile Phones Nokia Offers

There are numerous cheap mobile phones Nokia is currently offering in the market. Each comes with a unique and attractive design and with multi-purpose exceptional functions. However, for individuals who are looking for affordable and cheap mobile phones Nokia offers, here are 5 prospective phones that you might want to consider. These cheap Nokia phones namely the Nokia 1661, Nokia 1208, Nokia 2720 S40, Nokia 2680 Slide Phone and Nokia 2730 will surely fit your budget.

Nokia 1661 – Unlocked


This Nokia 1661 Unlocked Cell Phone is a U.S. Version that comes with full warranty. It is an extremely simple phone with basic functionalities such as for texting, making and receiving calls, alarm clock and FM Radio with hands-free integrated speaker. It has a talk time of 5 hours and it comes with 128×160, 65k display. It also supports polyphonic ring tones. Cheap Nokia phones such as this Nokia 1661 won't break the bank and it only costs $39.99. Grab it now!

Nokia 1208 – Unlocked


Another cheap Nokia phone worth considering is the Nokia 1208 Unlocked GSM Phone with dual band which is generally for overseas use. It has amazing features like shortcut keys for fast and easy access to calendars, contacts, SMS messages, flashlight and loudspeaker. It has a magnificent colour display of up to 65,536 various colours which will make you appreciate the wallpaper, screensaver, phone menus and games all the more. This is truly an amazing and affordable phone for only $57.95. Grab it now!

Nokia 2720 S40 – Flip / Unlocked


Among the cheap mobile phones Nokia offers, the Nokia 2720 S40 Unlocked and flip type phone is another U.S. version that comes with full warranty. Its features include 128×160, 1.8 inch display, 1.3 megapixel camera and support for Bluetooth 2.0. This S40 phone also allows you to browse the web, view and access your windows mobile, emails and such. It also comes with a Music Player app, a Photo Editor and an Opera Mini Web Browser. A truly amazing low-cost phone with an original price of $80 but currently offered at $69.99 only with free shipment included. Grab it now!

Nokia 2680 – Slide / Unlocked


This blue coloured Nokia 2680 Slide & Unlocked Cell Phone is a U.S. Version with full warranty. Capture perfect moments with the VGA camera and view pictures and videos with utmost clarity and excellent colours with the 65,000 TFT, 128×160 colour display. It also comes with amazing features like Bluetooth technology, radio recorder, stereo FM radio and GPRS connection for fast and easy access to emails and the web. This costs $90 only with free shipment included. Grab it now!

Nokia 2730 – Unlocked


The Nokia 2730 black coloured Unlocked phone is another attractive yet cheap Nokia phone. It comes with 2 GB of memory, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth support, 3G internet access and Nokia Ovi Maps. It has a talk time of 3.3 hours and a standby time of up to 17 days. It only costs $99 with free shipment included. You will then receive a box consisting of the headset, charger, rechargeable battery, wired headset and literature. Grab it now!