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Best Free Themes for the Nokia 5220

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 7/18/2010

The Nokia 5220 supports a lot of themes, making the user's choices virtually unlimited. It's going to be a bit daunting if you're looking for themes for your phone, so here's a list of recommended free themes for Nokia 5220 to help you out.

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    Nokia 5220

    The Nokia 5220 can be customized with a variety of themes. Nokia themes give the mobile phone its own personality. People who love customizing their phones will find a large number of Nokia 5220 themes to chose from. Here are 5 recommended free themes for the Nokia 5220 that will definitely bring out the personality from the phone and its owner.

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    Eclipse the Movie

    Eclipse Eclipse Everybody knows about the Twilight Saga. It's only natural for people who love the books and movies to show their appreciation for them by customizing their Nokia 5220 with a Twilight-based theme. This particular theme is based on the Eclipse movie. The theme features the main characters of the movie, Bella, Edward and Jacob. It has a dark look and feel, but with the nice blending of black and red, the theme looks elegant and at the same time, edgy. Fan or not, a dose of Twilight on one's Nokia 5220 will automatically make them hip and cool.

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    DarkRed DarkRed DarkRed is a theme that obviously focuses on black and red. Dominantly black, the theme exudes a look and feel that is minimalist and simple. The theme revolves around the wallpaper, which is a modified logo from Thundercats, an 80's cartoon show. The shiny logo stands out with a totally black background, giving the theme its elegant dark look. Fans of the 80's animated TV show, as well as people who like dark and simple themes, will definitely love this theme.

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    NRG NRG This theme, with a clever name, also has a dark look and feel, similar to DarkRed. However, instead of using black and red as its primary colors, it uses black and blue. The wallpaper inspires the themes name. It features waves of electricity that go from one side of the screen to the other. It's a simple graphic, but it's still striking to look at, thanks to the dynamic feel of the electric waves. People who like minimalist dark themes would love to have NRG energize their Nokia 5220's look and feel.

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    Lakers Multiple time NBA champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, are the subject of this dynamic looking theme. Naturally, it features the colors of the basketball team, which are yellow and purple. The text, including the navigation text, is colored white. The graphics, though, play with yellow and purple. The wallpaper features the team logo, an NBA basketball and a brick wall that exudes a grungy look and feel. The wall is colored yellow and purple, highlighting the spirit of the LA Lakers. Basketball fans, especially the Lakers faithful, will definitely love sporting this theme on their Nokia 5220 phone. This may not look attractive for haters of the team, though.

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    Abstrato Abstrato Abstrato is a psychedelic and funky theme that features several vibrant colors and groovy fonts. The colors range from feminine to masculine colors, so this theme will definitely appeal to both sexes. The abstract design doesn't make people focus on one particular element of the theme, which is good because the entirety of the theme will get your attention.

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