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Guide to Themes for the Nokia E71

written by: S. R. Obbayi•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/29/2010

Tired of the same old Nokia E71 themes that come bundled on your phone? Here is a list of places on the Internet where you can download the best themes for the Nokia E71 phone.

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    nokia E71 The Nokia E71 is one of Nokia's most popular phone models. It is a member of the E series line of business oriented phones. The Nokia E71 is sleek and elegant and comes in a cool steel casing and has all the apps and utilities that make it worthy of its success for business-minded mobile phone users. This phone comes with with three basic themes preinstalled called Light, Dark and Steele. Just like other Symbian S60 smartphones, the Nokia E71 allows for custom themes. In line with Nokia E71's business nature, I have listed the best five Nokia E71 themes that help preserve the business feel of the phone.

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    Red Business

    Red Business Red Business from Nokia tops off the list as a business geared theme for the Nokia E71. It has varied shades of red, which is the color mostly chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. This theme gives the impression you're at a theater staring forward at a red curtain with a spot light illuminating it. Red Business retains the Nokia E71's icons and improves on the colors when hovering over specific icons. To get this theme you have to upgrade the phone's firmware through either Nokia PC suite or Nokia Ovi Suite.

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    Aviator Aviator is a sleek and simple theme for the Nokia E71. The theme is inspired by planes of course, as the name suggests. The theme actually commemorates Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The backdrop of this theme is the sky with a single Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying towards the user. The theme has transparencies, SVG icons some of which resemble the Mandrake Linux directory icons, while it retains the use of Nokia defaults on certain services. The general color hangs around the Windows XP shade of blue. The theme is available for free and Aviator can be downloaded from Tehkseven.

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    Feel The Vibrations

    Feel The Vibrations The Feel The Vibrations theme is another Nokia E71 theme that thrives in its simplicity. This theme is something of a mix or cross between several feels. It gives a cool icy impression with a hint of some science fiction futuristic touch to it. Others may interpret the energy from the lightning bolt looking wallpaper image. As the name suggests, Feel The Vibrations probably works out as a visualization to a person listening to music and that is so fitting to the business user who might just want to lay back on his break and listen to some soothing tunes. This theme sets the stage for just that. You can download Feel The Vibrations from here.

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    Its Broke

    Its Broke The name of this theme speaks for itself. Its Broke gives the impression that the screen of your Nokia E71 got broken. These are the type of themes that every phone needs. A theme that is typically there for the pure fun of it. Its Broke does not do much to change the default icon set of the Nokia E71 phone. Instead it provides a bright green color scheme. It then takes the default Windows XP wallpaper image and cleverly adds an effect to it to make it like you are looking at the landscape through a broken screen. You can download this theme for free from here.

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    iPhone Final SVG

    iPhone Final SVG This list would not be complete without some kind of iPhone theme for the Nokia E71. There is this theme by Pankaj that I particularly like, it has a black color scheme that is subtle and not too busy on the eyes, The main giveaway to the fact that this is an iPhone theme is the icon set. All default Nokia E71 icons are replaced with the iPhone icons. One thing to be aware of is that even though you have installed this iPhone Final SVG theme, do not expect to get the full user experience you get out of the iPhone. After all, you are still using a Nokia E71. This simply means that the theme inherits the navigation capabilities of the Nokia E71 and not the iPhone. This iPhone theme for Nokia E71 is available for free and you can download iPhone Final SVG theme by Pankaj from Zedge.