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Best MessageStorer - Export All your Messages to Text or CSV Files on Your Symbian Phone

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

Do you need to archive the messages on your phone or take backups? Best MessageStorer allows you to export all your messages to a text or csv file. Read on to find out more.

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    Text messaging is an important part of our lives. Reading them allows us to reflect back in time and keep track of important information. Just the other day, I had to scroll through a few hundred messages to find the password sent to me from my bank. On such occasions having a text file with all my phone messages could prove invaluable. That's where Best MessageStorer fits in. It allows you to export all your messages and emails (almost anything in your Messaging application) to a text or CSV file. Read on for my take on this application.

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    Best MessageStorer has an interface that mimics the built in messaging application in your Symbian phone. What this means is that using it is a snap since it should be familiar to Symbian users and you can start using it without reading the instructions.messagestorer main view Opening up the application shows all the folders in your messaging application albeit with different icons. Any mailboxes that you have configured are also displayed so emails and MMS messages can also be exported with this application.

    Once you open up any folder, the messages are displayed. One niggle I had with the application was that use of the pen and directional keys was required to select multiple messages from a specific folder. For phones lacking the pen button, this application would be too cumbersome to use.Messagestorer Operations After selecting the messages, pressing the left softkey displays a context menu that allows you to save the messages in a format of your choice. You can choose between text and csv. You can also choose to save the file in your phone memory or via a memory card. You can even open this file in your PC and view your messages. To save time the developer have added a useful feature where you can select the inbox and store all of its messages. A couple of other options are provided that allow you to filter and sort the displayed messages.

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    The application took quite a bit of time to backup my messages as they exceeded a thousand in number, so for those with a lesser number of messages it should work fine. Best Message Storer works like it should, though it's a bit expensive at $7.95 (now reduced to $1) considering it performs just one function which won't be used very frequently.

    For those who see utility in the ability to save messages as text and back them up, this app should be useful. You can download a trial here.