Set Up Ovi Mail on Your N Series Symbian Smartphones

Ovi is the latest suite of web services by Nokia where they are launching web based applications that allow you to access and create your own content using supported Symbian phones. The Ovi Suite also includes sync services that allow you to sync data from your phone to a web based location provided by Ovi. One of the basic services included is Ovi Mail. Learn how you can set up Ovi Mail on your N Series phone running Feature Pack 1 or higher.

Make sure you have your phone ready along with an unlimited data connection. The Ovi Mail set up may consume quite a bit of data so having a Wi-Fi connection would be ideal.

How To

Setting up Ovi Mail on your N Series phone is a bit more cumbersome as compared to other Symbian phones. The email support wizard for Ovi is not present. You have to manually configure your phone to access Ovi mail. The steps below will help you get started with Ovi Mail on your phone.

Step 1 : Open up the Messaging application.

Step 2 : Open up Options using the left soft key.

Step 3 : Select Settings from the menu.

Step 4: Choose Email

Step 5 : Select Options

Step 6 : Open up New mailbox

Step 7 : At this dialog, enter your ovi email address ( and password. The device will mention no such email provider.Select Ok and continue. Enter your email settings as mentioned below –

Select IMAP

In the Incoming Mail Server field enter

In the Outgoing Mail Server enter

Define an Access Point (Select a Wifi access point or your network operator)

Enter Mailbox Name as Ovi

Use the default secure ports for SSL/TSL or enter new ports as specified by your network operator.

Step 8 : Open up the Messaging application.

Step 9 : Select Ovi from the list.

Step 10 : Go to Options

Step 11 : Choose Connect. You may be prompted for your user name and password. Enter them, you are now ready to start using Ovi Mail. You can now send and receive mails using Ovi.