How to Use Emoze With Gmail, POP3 and IMAP E-mail Accounts

If you use Gmail or a POP3 based email service, you can still use Emoze to experience push email functionality on your phone. Read on to find out how to configure Emoze to work with Gmail or your ISP email.


Configuring Gmail on Emoze

Step 1 : Select Add account from from the main screen of Emoze.

Step 2 : From the list of available account types on your screen select Gmail/G.Apps

Step 3 : Select Ok and in the next screen, enter your Gmail username, Gmail password and folders which you want to synchronize. You can choose between the Inbox and Contacts folders.

You should now be able to receive all new mails via Emoze.

Configuring POP Accounts with Emoze

Keep your ISP mail server names ready before you start configuring Emoze.

Step 1 : Go to the main screen of Emoze and select Add Account

Step 2 : Select Home/Other mail from the options displayed on the screen.

Step 3 : Select OK on this menu and continue to enter your account details.

Step 4 : In the Email field enter your Email address. For example –

Step 5 : In the Username field enter your POP3/IMAP account username.

Step 6 : Enter your password in the next field.

Step 7 : Select Next and allow the application to automatically connect to your email server. If the search is not successful select Cancel for manually configuring your POP3/IMAP email account.

Step 8 : In the Manual Configuration screen enter the following details –

  • Incoming Mail server – Enter the URL of the Incoming mail server here.
  • Username and Password
  • Method to Connect – Here you must choose between POP or IMAP based on the email server used.
  • Use SSL – Enable this if it is required by your ISP
  • Port Number – The default port number ( 110 or 995) will have already been entered. Enter a different one if required.
  • Outgoing Mail Server – Enter the URL of the outgoing mail server here.
  • Port Numer – This is the port number for the ougoing server. Change it from the default if required.
  • SMTP Authentication – You can enter a different username and password here for the outgoing server if required.


You should now have Emoze working with your email service. Enjoy push email on the go.